How fans enjoyed the Superbowl


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Fans traditionally prepare huge spreads before the Super Bowl.

Traditionally Americans celebrate the Super Bowl with family and friends. This year has been different due Covid-19 and big groups can’t be together. Still some small groups came together to watch the biggest game of the year.

With Covid-19 spiking in recent weeks leading up to the Super Bowl it was advised for people to stay home and to not go to parties. Most people follow these rules and stay home but others still go out to parties and are at high risk of getting the Coronavirus. “I stayed home for the Super Bowl because I didn’t want to put my parents and siblings at risk if I got the virus,” freshman Isiah Kuiper said.

People do want to be with friends so they came up with the idea of doing a Zoom party/ get together. This was a great way to talk with friends and family while watching the big game at the same time. “Me and my friends did a Zoom chat during the Super Bowl and it was a really good way to catch up with them and we also got to watch the game together while be at no risk,” sophomore Brook Pitt said

Others came up with the idea to have a Super Bowl party outside to lower the risk of spreading the virus. With the Super Bowl being in February the weather isn’t ideal for that unless heaters and winter jackets are involved, or if you live in the south. If this is an option for you one of the most important things you need for a super bowl party is…. the food.

Watching the game might not be for everyone, but the Super Bowl brings in one of the greatest performances of the year… the half-time show. The Weekend performed this year and spent millions of his own money to put on a show for the small crowd at the stadium and for the 100.45 million people watching from their homes. “I love watching the Super Bowl, but the half-time show is something that I always look forward to because of how entertaining it can be,” junior Sam Gross said.

The Super Bowl also is said to have the best advertisements. It costs an average of $5.3 million per advertisement and can increase depending on the length. “This year’s advertisements disappointed with the best one being the T-mobile one with Tom Brady and Gronk,” sophomore Alexander Negussie said.