Students, staff agree that online learning may mark the end of snow days


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

One thing students will miss about snow days is hanging out with friends, sledding and having fun in the snow.

As we continue to experience the heavy snows of the winter, one can’t help but notice one thing missing: snow days. This school year, due to online learning, it seems unlikely that we will be having any snow days. But, what about next year, or the year after that: Are snow days gone forever?

Students and staff seem to believe so. Sophomore Ayan Ghosh feels as if online learning could be the end of snow days as it’s an acceptable alternative to in-person learning.

Physics teacher Wei Huang holds a similar mindset. “I think we will definitely see more snow days turned into virtual learning days in the future. It certainly is a preferred choice over having to extend the school days into summer. With a better understanding of how to implement virtual learning through challenges and trials this year, it makes sense to reap some benefits of our investment for the good of our future education,” Huang said.

Sophomore Caitlyn Clifton also believes that online learning poses a real threat to snow days. But, Clifton does mention that not all hope is lost, as heavy snow could result in power outages or WiFi crashes leading to a two-hour delay or maybe even a snow day.

Although the end of snow days would mean never missing a lesson or a test, it does come with some downsides. During snow days students enjoy sledding, having snowball fights and coming into warm hot chocolate while bundling up by the fireplace. “Depriving the next generation of this experience is honestly saddening. These kids already have lost a lot of childhood due to smartphones rather than playing outside, let’s leave some things for the sake of childhood,” Ghosh said

Clifton will also miss snow days, but for a different reason. “Snow days were helpful in the past for me because I could catch up on work, or just relax for a day,” Clifton said.

Much like Clifton, Huang agrees that snow days are great for catching up on grading, planning, and maybe even getting some much needed rest. But, she also reminds that snow days come with a cost. “Some fast-paced and high-level classes may not be able to afford the lost time. Teachers may have to redo the planning of the quarter, adjust the assignment due dates, test day, or even reschedule a makeup,” Huang said.