TV show inspires worldwide football punishments


Catherine Yang

On the television show “The League,” a bunch of high school friends who are all working men still make time to participate and talk about their fantasy football league almost every night. Of course, the winners of their league get paid and even get a trophy, but their main goal is not to get last place, also known as the sacko in their league. Their sacko winner, or the last place finisher, must do horrible punishments that the other league mates choose aimed at humiliating the person and providing some laughs for the rest of the league.
The idea of having the person in last place perform punishments was started by a show, but has been brought to real life fantasy leagues in the last few years.
In the league with friends in his grade, sophomore Ethan Reff had to eat mayonnaise in front of all of his friends in a chair in the middle of the Commons. He sat in a chair with hundreds of phones recording him, but ultimately he only ate a small spoonful.
What happened next was to the surprise of many, as freshman Jaden Dacosta stepped up to the plate. In front of all the disappointed students, Dacosta came up clutch, ate a large spoonful of mayo and covered for Reff. “After the season, we spent a long time deliberating and had to rule out many ideas that were illegal or just too far,” sophomore and league champion Joe Pohoryles said.
Although this punishment was dreadful for Reff and entertaining for others, there were also many more punishments throughout the country. In a “pasta league” based in Brooklyn, the last place finisher has to stand up in front of all the other members before the draft and get pelted by tomatoes from other league members for a minute. After that minute of humiliation, over 200 pounds of tomatoes were thrown at the loser and some of them were even heated in a microwave to add a little extra burn.
Another popular form of punishment is having the last place finisher stand on a busy street corner holding up a sign that says “I suck at fantasy football.” Along with the embarrassment of standing there for the day, that person also is typically in a humiliating outfit, adding more misery to the situation and has to perform a dance when honked at.
Finally, one more popular punishment is forcing the last place person to ride through a car wash in the back of a pickup truck wearing only a speedo, a swimming cap, and goggles. This form of punishment is probably the most painful of the three, as going through a car wash is probably not very enjoyable. “The pain would be more psychological than physical because you would look stupid standing in a car wash,” junior Andrew Hawley said.
The moral is to draft a better team on draft day and pay more attention to the waiver wire during the season or else your punishment could become the next social media sensation.


Ryan Ullman

Sports Editor