Ranking the best Valentine’s Day candies


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Conversation Hearts are a common candy around Valentine’s Day, but where do they rank among other candies?

Every year during Valentine’s week 58 million pounds of chocolate and over 10 million pounds of conversation hearts are bought. To capitalize off of this, candy and chocolate brands like M & Ms, Reese’s, Ghirardelli, and Hershey create Valentine’s Day versions of their normal products. Here is a ranking of the top five of these candies.

The main components to base rankings on are taste, presentation and creativity. The taste has to be good but the candies also should work as good gifts and not just have Valentine’s Day stickers slapped on the packaging.

In fifth place is conversation hearts: These hearts are the most iconic Valentine’s Day candy as well as being the most purchased. With phrases like “Be Mine,” “Marry Me” and “I Luv U,” these hearts are presentable but lack in the taste department. They taste like fake sugar and have a chalky texture.

In fourth place, is York peppermint patty’s Valentine’s Day edition. These are just regular York peppermint patties shaped in a heart form. These peppermint patties are a good combination of peppermint and chocolate but lack the creativity of some candies higher up on the list as the inside is plain white instead of Valentine-themed pink or red.

In third place is “Cupid’s Mix” M & Ms. These M & Ms are pink, red and white-colored and they taste like regular M & M’s. They are a classic candy and are extremely easy to eat on the go or share with others. On the website, you can order a big heart or in a classic M & M’s candy.

In second place is Reese’s peanut butter hearts. First off, peanut butter and chocolate is the best duo, and Reese’s is one of my favorite candies. Secondly, the packaging and creativity are off the charts as you can get these hearts in king-sized, miniatures, standard size, or with Reese’s pieces inside the chocolate heart.

Finally, the winner is the Ghirardelli box of chocolates. Rivaling conversation hearts as the most iconic Valentine’s Day delicacy is a box of chocolates. These are also the most high-quality chocolate you can buy for under $15. All of the flavors are rich, creamy, and all-around superb and would be a great gift for anyone who likes chocolate.

Sophomore Jake Konigsberg said, “Ghirardelli is my favorite chocolate brand in general so it would be my favorite Valentine’s Day candy. I like all of the flavors they offer like salted caramel, milk chocolate and dark chocolate and I can’t say the same about other chocolate brands.”

Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, you may still be able to find these treats on store shelves at a good discount.