Tik Tok creates new platform for unexpected hacks, trends


Photo courtesy Julia Goetz

Senior Julia Goetz uses Photoshop skills learned from a Tik Tok to make her eyes in the original picture (left) appear open.

Move over Pinterest! Tik Tok is here to take over the DIY realm. Although the app is normally used for entertainment through funny or dance videos, Tik Tok is evolving to be a place where one can also find tips and tricks for cooking, makeup, fashion and more. Over the course of quarantine, Tik Tok has brought new trends in the food, clothing and technology world.

In terms of food and drink, Tik Tok has brought new recipes to light that everyone has or is dying to try. In the first week of lockdown, whipped coffee was all the rage. The recipe was simple: take equal parts instant coffee, sugar and boiling water and mix until a thick, creamy paste was formed. Once the paste was made all you had to do was add it to any kind of milk (boiling if you want it hot) and ice (the classic way). Junior Maya Chelar made it several times when it was popular. “It was so easy to make and tasted so much better than my regular iced coffee. It was also nice because you could make a lot of it and keep it in the fridge or freezer and you would have good coffee whenever you wanted,” Chelar said. 

Right now, a feta cheese pasta dish is taking over all Tik Tok users’ for-you page. This simple, delicious dish is made by putting olive oil, grape tomatoes, seasoning of your choice and a block of feta cheese in the oven until the cheese is golden. Then you just have to boil pasta, save a cup of the starchy pasta water and mix all of the ingredients together to make an easy, creamy sauce. 

If you wanted to cut the grape tomatoes, another Tik Tok hack may come in handy. Put the tomatoes on a plate and cover it with another plate or Tupperware container lid. This allows you to easily cut all the tomatoes quickly. The best thing about this hack is that it can be used for other produce of the same size such as grapes or blackberries. 

In the fashion world, Tik Tok has shown users different ways to dye and bleach their clothes. Numerous viral videos show black clothes folded in certain ways and dunked in bleach to create a cool orange and black tie dye effect. Bleach has also been used to paint on jeans to create a white pattern. Other videos have given tutorials on how to naturally dye clothes. “I saw a Tik Tok about how to dye your white clothes using turmeric and beets. The turmeric made my plain white T-shirt a mustard yellow color and my plain tank top into a cool pink. I would definitely recommend this to people who want to dye their clothes without wanting to actually buy tie dye,” junior Andrea Quispe said. 

These Tik Toks showed me how to cut, paste and edit pictures that turned out poorly.”

— Julia Goetz

Tik Toks have even taught users how to get nifty with technology. Senior Julia Goetz has learned useful skills for editing bad pictures on Photoshop through a series of Tik Toks. “These Tik Toks showed me how to cut, paste and edit pictures that turned out poorly. Now I can do things like make my eyes look open if they are closed or make any glare that’s in a picture go away,” Goetz said.