Seniors commit to college despite ongoing pandemic


Photo courtesy Tyler Konigsberg

Senior Tyler Konigsberg celebrates his future endeavors in his new Babson College merchandise.

As college decisions are continuing to roll out, seniors are now tasked with deciding where they want to go. Whether it is a student’s forever dream school, a school where a student got recruited to play a sport or a school where a student feels at home, seniors who are going to college next year have until May 1 to decide where to spend the next four years of their lives. 

On Jan. 29, University of Maryland – College Park early action admissions decisions were released. Senior Tamar Heller had been waiting for this decision her whole life. Growing up close to the university, Heller had grown up with the UMD spirit, always visiting the campus. Heller said, “Growing up in Maryland was definitely a big thing that drew me in because I always used to visit. Alongside that, I love the idea of being closer to home, they have a great business school with a campus that gives me amazing feelings of confidence when I’m there, and can never forget about how great in-state tuition is.”

Heller is going into UMD as an undecided business major into the school of Letters and Sciences. She decided to apply to their business school because they had many different majors that she was interested in like International Business, Marketing and Business Management. Heller said, “I ended up choosing UMD because it was my dream school since childhood and once I saw the congratulations in the decision letter I knew that it was 100% the school for me.”  

Senior Tyler Konigsberg will be attending Babson College; a school with a central focus on entrepreneurship education. Early decision results were released on Dec.15, which is when Konigsberg knew he would be attending Babson. Babson is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, seven hours away from home, and is ranked number one in entrepreneurship for 2021. Konigsberg said, “I chose Babson because I love to ski, wanted small classes, it isn’t too far away from home, and it will get me closer to my goal of becoming my own boss.” 

Also, their reputation for entrepreneurship is definitely a driving factor.”

— Tyler Konigsberg

Konigsberg will be attending Babson as a Business Administration major. He decided to apply early decision (a legally binding process) to Babson because he knew he would be happy there. Although Konigsberg doesn’t exactly know what type of business he wants to run when he is older, he knows Babson will equip him with all the necessary tools he will need to make an excellent boss. Konigsberg said, “What led me to this school was the small class sizes, –  it is about 3,600, and I wanted smaller class sizes. Also, their reputation for entrepreneurship is definitely a driving factor.”