Celebrating Black History Month: How Black Student Union impacts Fifi Akinfe, school community


Photo courtesy Black Student Union

Members of the Black Student Union gather to celebrate Black History Month during February 2020 with a variety of artistic performances.

The Black Student Union is a community of Black students who hold events such as town halls, HBCU fairs (Historically Black College/University) and general meetings. Students join to discuss shared interests such as Black culture, create sibling-like bonds with other members, and to create change in the world around them.

Black Student Union boosts our cultural diversity and we are able to have our voices heard.”

— Fifi Akinfe

 Junior Fifi Akinfe has recognized not only the personal impacts of BSU, but the impact it has had on the school community as well. “Being a part of Black Student Union has helped me realize how grateful I am to have a community and group that understands me and my struggles. We are able to bond and trust each other like no other. The fun activities and events we have make our bond stronger. Black Student Union boosts our cultural diversity and we are able to have our voices heard,” Akinfe said. 

Efforts of Black Student Union to increase anti-racism at school have had an immense impact on students and teachers alike. On Dec. 2, a “Race Matters”  town hall was hosted to engage members of the community in discussions about representation, curriculum, Black history, current events, overall efforts to fight racism within the school community, and more. 

Black Student Union provides a fun and collaborative environment for all members. Members create meaningful connections with one another and are able to trust and each other. Through BSU, members are able to showcase their culture, have a space to bond with other Black students and discuss how they feel at school. “One of my favorite events during BSU was when the boys made a huge dinner for the girls. I truly believe that was one of our highlights from last year. I honestly can’t wait for how next year will be,” Akinfe said.

A popular community event held by BSU is the Black History Month Program, which includes artistic performances such as poetry readings, songs, dances, instrumental performances, fashion shows and much more. Attendees can enjoy and appreciate Black culture while still being able to learn from those in their community. This event takes place during mid-February. 

English teacher Lindsey Vance is the main sponsor who provides resources and opportunities for members to improve their thinking and problem-solving skills during a program called the “Think Design Workshop.”

Being able to have unique opportunities helps enhance the experience at Black Student Union. “Being able to collaborate and create enjoyable content for our community is our goal. We are all able to be leaders and our goal is to continue making change throughout the Wootton community. I believe that every Black student at Wootton should be a part of the Black Student Union family,”  Akinfe said.