NBA season excites fans


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Madison Square Garden prepares for a season with no fans in attendance.

The NBA season began in late December. The 82-game season is officially underway, and will last  through June. Teams play an average of three to four games every week.

After a hiatus and the NBA bubble playoffs, this season is needed more than ever for basketball fans. The season has been going well, despite the pandemic. The majority of games have been played so far, but there have been cancellations and fines given out due to breaking COVID guidelines and coming in close contact.

The NBA has been stormed with some major trades, such as James Harden going to the Brooklyn Nets, John Wall going to the Rockets and Russel Westbrook going to the Washington Wizards. Superstars have been on the move this season, making the league interesting.

Teams are evolving and it is definitely taking a toll on the league. Junior Ian Smith said, “The players on the move have definitely made the championship teams more competitive, having star players team up in order to win a championship. Players that have been competing against each other for their whole careers are teaming up to try to win the finals together.” 

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has done an outstanding job planning out the season to make sure that it can happen at full length. Although fans cannot attend the games, they are on track to play out a full 82-game season with normal playoffs, and Silver is working hard to keep players safe. Junior, Miles Wiley said that the NBA season will be one of the best seasons yet. Wiley said, “I know the season is not even a quarter of the way through, but it has already looked well polished, and the games are intense and exciting. As a fan I am thrilled to be able to watch a whole season of NBA basketball again.”

Nobody truly knows what the season has in store for teams and fans, but so far we have seen nothing but the best basketball players in the world show off their talents in an intense manner. 

The NBA coming back is great for the sports community. With the NFL season coming to an end, leagues such as the NHL and NBA are now in the spotlight. Having live sports to watch and follow makes being bored at home much more enjoyable.

This season is due to give fans hope based on the atrocity that the 2020 season was, and right now the league is off to a good start.