Predicting 2021’s best fashion, makeup trends


Photo courtesy Jaimie Morris

Junior Jaimie Morris wears bright blue mascara to show spirit on July 4, 2019 at Camp Echo.

New year, new what? Why new fashion trends of course! Every year, what’s in and what’s out in the fashion and makeup world changes. Here’s what I am predicting, or at least I’m hoping to see: daring, progressive fashion and makeup trends this year. 

Colored mascara definitely can make a statement in a makeup look.

— Jaimie Morris


  • Colorful mascara

Whether in full glam or going for a natural look, mascara is always a necessity for makeup users. Even though black mascara is the norm, bright-colored mascaras like blue or green can make a simple look bold or a bold look even bolder. Purple mascara is even said to make green and hazel eyes stand out. You can find this trending mascara by clicking here. Junior Jaimie Morris enjoys the use of colorful mascara on special occasions. “Colored mascara definitely can make a statement in a makeup look. I don’t usually wear colored mascara, but when I do, I usually go for blue to try and make my eyes pop. I also love to wear it for spirit days at school,” Morris said. 



  • Patterned Belts

Just like colorful mascara, patterned belts can take any outfit from plain to fabulous. In the past, belts have only been seen as a means to hold your pants up, so you would only see them in regular black, white or brown leather. But in today’s trending fashion, belts can take an outfit to the next level. To spice up a basic outfit or to be expressive and mix up patterns, try adding a zebra, cheetah, cow or even sparkly belt to an outfit. An example of a cow print belt can be found here. The same goal for a grunge, streetwear or fem look can be achieved with a dainty chain belt like this



  • Knee-High Converse

That’s right, I am predicting that these crazy, flamboyant mid 2000s shoes will be making a comeback. Why? Just look at them! These classics not only make any outfit pop, but they also can be styled in multiple ways. My favorite way to dress them is when wearing something short and simple like a skirt or a dress. That way, you can add some spunk and dimension to an otherwise bland outfit. Knee-high converse are also a must for the alt/emo aesthetic. No doubt about it. 



  • Cardigans on Boys 

Sorry ladies, but this one is dedicated to all the guys out there. Guys, trust me, any person no matter their gender will instantly fall in love with you once they see you in a cardigan. Not only are cardigans easy to throw on, but they are also easy to style. Simply put on a T-shirt and khakis, throw on a cardigan, then bam instant fashion sense. Cardigans add a sort of elegance to any outfit even if it is just a T-shirt underneath. You can also wear them in the fall, winter or spring. Find classic ones here, or if you’re feeling snazzy, a fun one here. Senior Hank Breen is a fan of the lightweight clothing article. “I would definitely wear a cardigan. Any man that wears a cardigan deserves the respect of his fellow men,” Breen said.