Tik Tokers should be called out for being out during pandemic

Celebrities like Ariana Grande call out Tik Tokers for poor behavior during the pandemic.

Photo used with permission from Wiki Commons

Celebrities like Ariana Grande call out Tik Tokers for poor behavior during the pandemic.

While we are all stuck in our houses, unable to see our friends and family and going to school on Zoom, Tik Tok stars are out vacationing and partying.

You may have heard about Charli and Dixie D’amelio, Chase Hudson, Noah Beck, and Madi Monroe’s trip to the Bahamas around the holidays. It made people angry, especially considering these are the influencers who preach masks and social distancing to their followers. Like come on people, this should not be a “do as I say, and not as I do” situation.

The D’amelios have told their younger followers to wear masks, but they clearly aren’t doing the same. Even when they do wear a mask, you will often see its under their noses.

When they are not on vacation, you can often find influencers at other content houses hanging out and filming content for followers. While I understand that they have to create content, it really is frustrating to see them hanging out with their friends, especially considering the fact that many of us have been stuck in our houses since March.

The Hype House and Sway House have gone through a lot of controversies, holding large birthday parties during the pandemic. It even went so far that after a party for Tik Tok star Bryce Hall’s 21st birthday back in August, the mayor of Los Angeles cut Hall’s house’s water and power off.

Youtuber Nikita Dragun got a lot of hate for wearing a small face shield that just barely covered her nose while out at dinner and Target with other influencers. Incidents like this happen often among Tik Tokers and Youtubers in Los Angeles.

James Charles, who is infamous for scandals, made videos playing real life “Among Us” with lots of other Tik Tokers and surprise, surprise, there wasn’t a mask in sight. I know all these influencers are saying they get Covid-19 tests, but still, it’s significantly safer to just stay home. Half of them live with a bunch of friends anyway, so it shouldn’t be necessary to see tons of people while the rest of us only see our immediate family, which is getting kind of old.

Even celebrities like Ariana Grande are tired of the behavior of these influencers. In an interview she complained how unnecessary it was for Tik Tokers to be eating out every night. After this comment, Tik Tokers like Hall went on to say they had “beef” with Grande. I’m sorry, but she called you out and you are just not cool enough to have beef with Ariana Grande.

People have repeatedly tried to “cancel” influencers for their poor actions during the pandemic, but it never sticks because, well, their content is entertaining, and what else is there to do while the rest of us are stuck at home.