December rules months for best holidays


Photo courtesy of Tamara Heller

Senior Tamara Heller spends New Year’s Eve with sister, sophomore Zoe Heller, and family in the mountains of Colorado.

Of all the months in the year, December is filled with the best holidays hands down. The month of December has the most major holidays that the greatest number of Americans celebrate. These holidays include Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve. 

People think October, July, or November may be the best month for major holidays because of Halloween, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Children love Halloween because they are able to dress up and get large amounts of candy. It is also fun for kids to go trick or treating with their friends while adults decorate their homes and have parties. 

July is also considered a great month for holidays because of the Independence Day celebration. This holiday is important because it marks the founding of the United States of America. Americans enjoy this holiday because they get to spend time with their families and watch firework displays. 

Others may think November is the best month for holidays because of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving celebrates the annual harvest of the crops and the early friendship between the English colonists and Native Americans. People usually gather with their extended families and eat a large meal filled with classic Thanksgiving foods such as turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. 

One reason October does not have the best holidays is because not all Americans celebrate Halloween. Some religious groups don’t approve of Halloween because they associate it with witchcraft and evil. Children also get sugar rushes and end up with cavities. 

July is not the best month for holidays because not everyone who lives in America is a citizen and may not want to celebrate the founding of a country that doesn’t feel like home. Also, children don’t receive any candy or presents and may be frightened by the loud fireworks. Also, pets are usually disturbed by the fireworks. 

The reason November is not the best month for holidays is because families go through stress preparing large meals for Thanksgiving dinner. Besides, not all family members get along and may argue throughout the day. Children may also be forced to eat dishes they don’t like such as oysters in cream sauce (my grandmother made it every year). 

December is the best month for major holidays because of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve.  Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the restoration of Jerusalem. It takes place over nine days and children recieve gifts for each day. 

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and the Christian religion. Christians usually attend church or mass to reaffirm their beliefs and practice their faith. Children receive presents under a Christmas tree supposedly delivered by Santa Claus and his reindeer. 

Kwanzaa was established in 1966 during the civil rights movement to honor Black history and culture. It was created to provide an alternative to Christmas for African Americans.  During Kwanzaa, African Americans celebrate their ancestors and have a big feast. 

New Year’s Eve marks the end of the previous year and a new beginning for people in the new year.  People stay out until midnight and often watch the ball drop in New York City. At the stroke of midnight people drink champagne and kiss their loved ones. 

December is the best month for holidays by far because of the presents, the religious observations and because most Americans are celebrating the most holidays.