Teachers should lessen the amount of work they are assigning


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Math homework covers a student’s desk.

It’s 2:40 p.m. and you just finished school. You close your last Zoom meeting of the day only to get back on the computer to do your homework. 

Because of remote learning, homework assigned to students is completed and turned in digitally. Online homework is more time spent on the computer during that day. “I think the homework given has been a good amount, but I think a few teachers still are giving us too much work,” freshman Ellie Mollica said.

Teachers of different subjects give different amounts of work per week. Teachers usually give homework to complete over the weekend as well. The weekend is a time that should be spent off technology. As teenagers, we should spend the weekend with friends or family instead of school work.

I think it is too much work because we stare at the computer screen for almost the whole day…”

— Maya Halpern

Most teachers assign at least one or two assignments a week. Teachers also assign quizzes and tests. Working all day online can cause stress for students. Spending too much time on the screens can affect students’ personal mental health during this crazy time. “I think it is too much work because we stare at the computer screen for almost the whole day and then when we’re finally done we just have to do it once again for homework,” freshman Maya Halpern said. 

Teachers have been assigning less homework then we would get in a “normal” in-person class. Students still are receiving hours of work after their classes are over. Since we only meet with our teachers two times a week it is difficult to stay focused and complete all the assignments for every class. Most teachers don’t give students enough time to complete and submit assignments. 

Students only get two days a week to meet with their teachers and learn new concepts. Students often spend hours online completing work until late at night and then waking up early the next day to do it again. It is not good for kids and teens to spend all day in front of screens. Too much screen time is unhealthy. Instead of staring at screens all day people should get fresh air outside and get their minds off of school during the evening.

Bigger class projects or assignments are challenging to complete online. In a non-virtual classroom, if you have a question or problem with your work you can find times to ask your teacher. In a virtual setting, you have to make sure your teacher’s office hours work with the due date of the assignment. Students have to email their teachers for the smallest of questions if it interferes with their work. 

Teachers should limit the work they are giving during virtual school. Teachers could also give more time in between the date assigned and the due date to limit the amount of screen time students get a day.