We should spread awareness about global warming


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Global warming impacts nearly all parts of life, however, there are solutions.

Global warming is a long-occurring problem that has been proven to be harmful to our environment and our ways of living. People know of this problem, yet few try to find a fix. People should learn more and spread awareness about global warming and its direct impact on us.

There are individuals who refuse to believe that global warming is real, even though the proof that global warming is real is evident. According to NASA, the Earth’s surface has risen temperature of around 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 40 years, with most of the temperature having come from the past six years. 

Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have also started decreasing, NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate experiment showed that Greenland lost 279 billion tons of ice sheets from 1993 to 2019. “Global warming is something that is so strongly backed by facts and science, I think those who don’t believe in it are choosing to ignore what’s clearly true,” junior Hannah Rah said.

The select people that fight for this issue have been holding it up on a pedestal and have been doing a great job keeping it in the light as well as creating change.”

— Max Wool

Groups like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) work to prevent the oncoming disaster of global warming. These groups also work to spread awareness so that others will help out. “The select people that fight for this issue have been holding it up on a pedestal and have been doing a great job keeping it in the light as well as creating change,” junior Max Wool said. 

Even though people know about this issue, it would do well to spread more awareness. “I think enough people are aware of global warming but I don’t think quite as many people actively work to play their part in reducing their carbon footprint,” Rah said.

To spread more awareness about global warming we can use platforms like social media and include reliable and credible evidence while doing so. Reminding others that global warming exists can make a positive change. “I think that the information and statistics we have collected should be shared, and our primary job should be to educate. I think this alone is the best way of spreading awareness,” Wool said.

When the idea of “global warming” is put into a person’s head, they are likely to think of the problems global warming could bring or the cause of this issue. “My first thought of global warming is the greenhouse gases and the influence human activity has on the environment, such as our use of non-renewable resources like coal,” Rah said.

The devastation that global warming could cause our planet is no doubt fearful to think of. “I think that global warming is heading in a negative direction, and the possibilities of the damage it can cause are virtually endless, but people can make a better effort to halt its destruction,” Wool said.

Global warming is among one of the most important issues of the planet. If global warming were to ruin the planet, it could mean the destruction of humanity. “I think global warming is one of the most important issues today because it concerns the well-being of our planet, which is something we all share, so it is of the utmost importance,” Rah said.