Yearbook continues to work despite virtual challenges


Photo by Niko Jones

Senior Eleni Jones works on her sports spread in her home on Dec. 18.

With the continuation of the Coronavirus pandemic and the starting of the online school year, clubs and organizations were faced with the challenge on how to adapt to this new way of life and continue the clubs despite the difficulties.. 

Each club or organization has their own strategies, including virtual meetings or emails to stay in touch with their club members. One organization in particular, has forged a path through all challenges and continues to inspire students and stay in touch with them.  

The yearbook students, taught and advised by English teacher Melanie Moomau, create the yearbook, which is a long and complicated process and takes almost the entire school year to construct. All students have different roles but are responsible for different spreads and put in countless hours to perfect them.  

One section of spreads is sports, and the process to get it all edited is long. “We edit the sports spread and other spreads as well. After the staff writers are done editing their spreads, they send their first round of edits to the standard editors, and then after that the staff writers send their spreads to the managing editors and then to the editor-in-chiefs and after that is done, it finally goes to the final round of edits to our teacher Mrs. Moomau,” senior sports editor Eleni Jones said. 

Right now we are putting focus on club photos, portraits and discussing how the rest of the year will lay out if we go back to school.”

— Tamara Heller

Currently, the students are about a third of the way done. “So far we’ve submitted our first group of spreads and are currently in the process of editing and cleaning up the November and December spreads, which means the first 100 pages are becoming completed. Right now we are putting focus on club photos, portraits and discussing how the rest of the year will lay out if we go back to school,” senior managing editor Tamara Heller said.

Editors and writers expect the yearbook will be done around March.“Being a part of the yearbook has definitely been one of my favorite things about school. The class becomes this kind of family always looking to step in and help where we can. By working with partners to help finish spreads and stories, friendships are made as you’re working with new people. We all know how we are feeling when we are approaching a deadline and have tasks left to do, but we’re always there to pick each other up,” editor-in-chief Rachel Son said.

Also, Yearbook is collecting selfies from students for portraits in the yearbook. If you want to submit a portrait, it has to be taken in front of a solid-colored, clean background, it has to be well lit, it has to have six inches above the head, it must include your shoulders and there just be no filter. 

To submit your portrait, go to, use the school code 13771, enter personal information and click the “I agree” box, and then click “click here to upload a student portrait.” once you click “submit photo,” you are good to go. If you would like to purchase a yearbook go to using code 13771. The price will be $75-80.