Part-time jobs as full-time students requires juggle


Photo courtesy Julia Goetz

Senior Julia Goetz serves bowls of poki to customers at Poki DC in Rio Washingtonian Center.

Now more than ever, students with jobs find themselves juggling school work and those jobs. Each job requires different amounts of responsibility and skills. Balancing time for both school and a job can become a struggle. 

Having a job can be a valuable experience for students as they learn about time management and responsibility. “I’ve been working at the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center for almost two years now as a lifeguard. I like my job because we are responsible for keeping patrons safe throughout their time there and keeping the center clean throughout the day, while still ensuring the environment is welcoming to anyone and everyone,” senior Crystal Loyd said. 

Each job requires different skills and ranges depending on the environment and business. “I work at the Potomac Horse Center and have worked there since I was 14. I get to spend time with amazing co-workers, managing birthday parties, taking care of horses and helping young children learn about riding and horses,” senior Ellie Novak said. 

… as long as I don’t work too many times a week, I can balance out work and school perfectly.”

— Julia Goetz

Companies usually accommodate the needs of students who have jobs to ensure the hours they work are negotiable. “I’ve been working at Poki DC in Rio Washingtonian Center for around three weeks now and as long as I don’t work too many times a week, I can balance out work and school perfectly,” senior Julia Goetz said. 

Working during the school year also can help students strengthen their existing skills and put them to more use. “This job has been a great experience for me because I’ve learned a lot over the years and I can use the skills I have received in not only my job, but in all aspects of my life moving forward,” Loyd said. 

Students who work in customer service generally have multiple tasks they are responsible for completing during their shifts. “My job is really fun, I really like the people that I work with and the guests that come in. I usually prepare bowls for whoever comes in and I also clean a lot,” Goetz said. 

Pay for students working at these jobs may not be high, but they learn the importance and value of money as they begin to save. “I have been saving up my own money for when I go out and want to buy something so I’m not completely dependent on my parents and also for when I eventually have to pay for college tuition,” Novak said.