Successful start to spring virtual season


Photo by Sydney Kauff

The girls’ lacrosse team received bags with items for the virtual season that began on Nov. 14.

The spring virtual sports season began on Monday, Nov. 14. This is a unique opportunity for players to not only build on their skills, but also on the mental aspects of their sport.

The county has set up several experienced speakers to talk to students about different aspects of athletics. “The first virtual speaker was pretty good, so I’m excited to listen to more,” junior Dason Miller said.

Different teams are taking different approaches to the virtual season. The baseball team has three individual workouts each week planned for the athletes, as well as weekly meetings to discuss every aspect of the game. “The first meeting went well and it was cool to be back together with the team,” Miller said.

The girls’ lacrosse team is reading the book “Wolfpack” by professional soccer star Abby Wambach. “We have meetings to discuss the book together,” sophomore Sydney Kauff said.

The girls’ lacrosse team received a bag of items such as stress balls and a journal. The team is also doing at home workouts, participating in bonding activities such as trivia, and connecting with teams from other schools. “Even though we’re not playing on the field together, it is definitely something I enjoy participating in,” Kauff said.

The softball team is using Youtube videos to guide them in their workout and develop their softball skills. “We have an ongoing competition where we report how many workouts girls did on their own each week,” junior Lizzie Nelson said.

This year is unique because any student can participate in the virtual season, no matter their skill level in their sport. There are no cuts for the virtual teams, giving all students opportunities to explore different sports.

Because we might go back to school in the spring, I’ve been working really hard to improve my game.

— Dason Miller

For multi-sport athletes, this isn’t their first time dealing with virtual seasons. “I did virtual field hockey and now I’m doing virtual lacrosse,” Kauff said.

With the possibility of going back to school still on the table, students are motivated to continue to get better at their respective sport and develop good relationships with their teammates. “Because we might go back to school in the spring, I’ve been working really hard to improve my game,” Miller said.

Spring sports were cancelled last school year because of the coronavirus outbreak. “I missed my sophomore season, but it’s great to be back even on Zoom. We are hoping to be able to play in the spring,” Miller said.