Late shoppers’ gift guide is here to help


Photo courtesy Ale Valdivia

Senior Ale Valdivia does some last-minute Christmas shopping for family and friends at Montgomery Mall.

It’s the week before Christmas, and you realize that you still haven’t bought any gifts. You begin to panic, hurrying to get out of the house and to the mall as fast as you can. While at the mall, you can’t seem to find that special something that we know our friends and family would love. Trust me, we’ve all been there. That’s why I am here to present to you the best late shoppers’ gift guide of 2020.

This heated back and neck massager is perfect for the athlete or long shift worker in your life. Not only can you place the massager on your back or neck, but you can lay it down on a sturdy surface to massage your arms or legs. This contraption is small and easy to use, making it easy to be stored and used during casual activities like watching TV. The heat element also adds just the right touch during these cold winter months. Say bye-bye to aches and pains and hello to relaxation with this spiffy gadget.

Available in every color of the rainbow and a multitude of patterns, these stylish satin-lined hoodies are perfect for your curly-haired companion. The satin protects curly, natural hair from breakage and friction, reduces frizz and prevents moisture loss. The hoodies also come in thick and thin fabrics, allowing you to wear them in both the winter and summer. Oh, and did I mention that the company is a Black women-owned business? 

Senior Ale Valdivia received one as a birthday gift last August. “I got one for my birthday a couple of months ago and I love it. I love how I can put the hoodie up without fear of messing up my curls. I totally recommend this to anyone that is looking for a good gift,” Valdivia said. 

When thoughts are focused on this simple activity, your brain tends to relax.”

— Cleveland Clinic

I know what you’re probably thinking: “A coloring book? For a grown up?” Yes! Don’t you remember how fun it was to try and stay between the lines coloring as a little kid? Well thanks to the intricate designs of this garden-filled coloring book, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when completing each page without feeling too overwhelmed. According to the Cleveland Clinic, adult coloring flows attention away from ourselves, relaxes the brain and is a low-stakes activity, making it pleasurable for many. So, let that special someone engage with their creative side with this light-hearted present.

For the person in your life who is obsessed with having perfect skin, this is just the gift for them. This powerful vacuum head sucks up blackheads, whiteheads, sebaceous filaments, grease and leftover makeup. It also comes with four different attachments and five suction levels to be able to reach each nook and cranny on your face, with visible results being shown in just a few hours. Using this product just once or twice a week provides long-term results, such as smaller pores, which will be evident in just a few weeks.