Coming back to school with purpose

Abby Wei

As the summer comes to a close and kids get back to being students again, most are discontented with the fact that they have to go back to school. School is not all bad though, every student has that one thing that they look forward to seeing or doing again after returning to school.
Sports: During a summer of relaxing on beaches or working a job, playing sports does not always fit into one’s schedule. Sports teams offer a place for letting off some steam while enjoying some camaraderie and fun times. Being on a sports team offers some much needed structure into the lives of those who had a carefree, unstructured summer with no schedule to adhere to. The constant practices and games that come with being on a sports team introduce some consistency into one’s life. The main reason people look forward to being on a sports team again is for the love of the game and those you play it with. “I love doing cross country again after the summer and being able to run with my friends,” junior Nick Christovich said.
Clubs: Student clubs are where individuality among the student body comes to life and where each student has the opportunity to follow his or her passions. Students join a club because of their personal interests. Clubs are a place to have fun, to hone your skills, to hang out with friends and relax after a long day.
Friends: Perhaps the most obvious of things to miss during the summer, friends are an integral part of one’s life. During the summer, some friends are busy, away on vacation, or unable to be reached. Going back to school offers an opportunity to catch up with friends and hang out with them again. “Seeing all my friends again after a long summer is a really exciting moment for me,” senior Gurbani Singh said.
Social gatherings: During the summer, while it might be easy to see one or two friends, it can be quite difficult to see an organize a large number of friends because of the varying levels of summer availability. During the school year, everyone is forced to attend school and are therefore all in the same place, making it easier to plan events. During the school year friends can gather at study groups, football games, parties and other locations that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to schedule during the summer.
Work: Believe it or not, not all people have a summer filled with rigorous activities or great fun, but instead have relatively boring summers. Work provides students with something to focus on, something to learn and provides a sense of purpose in the lives of those who faced the boredom of summer. Although schoolwork often gets old quickly, the initial week or so of work can be something that some genuinely look forward to.


Aaron Levine

Back Page Editor