Among Us gains popularity among students


Photo Courtesy Sarah Firdaus

Among Us tops charts, receives near-perfect reviews.

A new app hits the top of charts in recent weeks, creating a pastime for students. Among Us puts you in the position of a detective. Will you be able to solve the mystery? Among Us is a simple yet addictive game, and its objective is “to attempt to hold your spaceship together and return back to civilization,” according to the company website.

I love that when I’m the imposter, I can sabotage a room no one knows, and it’s really funny watching them guess who did it.

— Sydney Kauff

The trick is that there is an alien imposter among everyone sabotaging the trip, and you have to figure out who. The game is made for four to 10 players, dividing them into either the crewmate or imposter category. Another fun part about Among Us is the abilities of the imposter. They can sabotage individual rooms of the spaceship, making tasks difficult for the crewmates. “I love that when I’m the imposter, I can sabotage a room no one knows, and it’s really funny watching them guess who did it,” sophomore Sydney Kauff said.

Not only is Among Us popular within the community, but it’s known worldwide. It has been downloaded 90 million times, and it holds the first position on the app store in the action category with a 4.5 out of five rating. This time-consuming app is a constant in high schoolers’ lives.

Sophomores Josh Mirskey and Jessica Arora both report playing “a few times a week.” “Playing is always an amazing opportunity, and I like that whenever I play, it goes by so fast because I get involved in the game,” Kauff said.

This game went to the top only a few months ago. Students bored in quarantine quickly turned to the app to occupy their boredom and start a new addiction. “I first saw a Tik Tok about it and then heard that my friends were trying it out, so I thought I would try too. After that, it got addicting, and I still play a lot,” Arora said.

Among Us has taken the spotlight from other popular apps. One app significantly affected by Among Us is Tiktok. “I spend less time on TikTok, and that time goes into playing Among Us. It’s a good break from TikTok since watching Tik Tok all day can get a little boring,” Arora said.

The app offers a variety of special features, including costumes. These include rainbow-colored skins and a variety of hats and accessories. “I use a lot of outfits, and my favorite would be the birthday hat,” Mirsky said.

Another notable feature of Among Us is the three different maps. They all offer a variety of rooms, with missions to complete while in orbit. “I have seen videos/TikTok showing the other maps, and they look really interesting. I would want to try them,” Arora said.