The “Most Dramatic Season Ever” of “The Bachelorette” returns to screens


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Tayshia Adams was a fan favorite and a top three finalist on season 23 of the Bachelor. She was also on season six of Bachelor in Paradise and now has swooped in to save the show, The Bachelorette.

The restless fans of “The Bachelorette” lock their eyes on the screen on Tuesday nights, waiting for their favorite show to start. Once it starts, one viewer throws her food at the TV. Another goes on her phone because she can’t stand to watch another second and another screams into her pillow in frustration and anger. Could one Bachelorette make people do these things?

“The Bachelorette,” a TV show watched by over five million people, is about a single woman looking for love in a sea of 31 possible future husbands all competing for her heart. This is accomplished over two months by the Bachelorette getting to know the different guys through group dates and one-on-one dates, with guys being eliminated until there is one man standing. “I have been watching ‘The Bachelorette’ for about three years now and I was so excited for this new season,” sophomore Allison Museles said.

Clare Crawley, who is the 16th season’s Bachelorette, shook things up this season. When all of the guys came out to meet her one by one in the beginning of the show, everyone could see that there was great competition, but when former NFL player Dale Moss walked out and introduced himself, Clare said that she felt like she just met her husband, which sparked the beginning of this memorable season. “I would recommend ‘The Bachelorette’ to people who like a lot of drama because that’s what ‘The Bachelorette’ is all about,” Museles said.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss got engaged on the fourth episode of the Bachelorette. (Photo used with permission from Google Commons)

Throughout the episodes, Clare’s behavior as the Bachelorette has been anything but conventional. In a group date after an activity of the guys roasting each other where Dale was insulted badly, Clare spent the night asking the other guys about Dale and then refused to give out a group date rose, saying that they didn’t give her what she needed. “At first I didn’t know what to think about Clare, but as the season went on I started disliking her more and more,” Museles said.

In addition, during a later group date, Clare spent over an hour with Dale and left the other guys all by themselves. “When Clare broke the rules I was so mad because the process is a tradition and to break it without any thought is disrespecting the show and the fans,” sophomore Tyler Cosgrove said.

After only two weeks in, during the fourth episode of the season, something unprecedented, but not necessarily unpredictable, happened. Clare chose Dale prematurely, and broke up with all of the other guys, which led to Dale and Clare getting the earliest engagement ever, and leaving the show. This sparked critical outrage from fans everywhere who felt Clare was immature. “I don’t like what Clare did because she led on the other guys on the show and I don’t think being engaged to Dale so soon is the right thing to do,” Museles said.

A swap in Bachelorettes mid-season has never happened before, but here is when 30-year-old Tayshia Adams, a fan-favorite top three finalist in season 23 of “The Bachelor,” who knows the rules and processes, became the new Bachelorette after Clare and gave the season a fresh start. This new Bachelorette received love from the fans and the guys who were previously lead on. “I think Tayshia is going to be a lot better than Clare,” junior Ella Cooper said.

Students agree with the criticisms of Clare’s performance as the Bachelorette. “Clare did an awful job playing by the rules and she didn’t deserve to be the Bachelorette in my opinion. She had all these guys go out of their way to be with her and then she ended up leaving,” Museles said.