Pets provide comfort, socialization


Photo by Carli Katz

Sophomore Carli Katz’s Australian Shepard, Tootsie, has fun in the sand at Rehoboth Beach.

Pets are an important part of our lives. For some, pets serve as a source of comfort from the daily stresses of everyday life. For others, pets are a way to get out and socialize. Pets do cost a lot of time, money and responsibility, so, for many, a pet is simply not an option.

Spanish teacher Tamara Hounshell has always lived with a roommate. Recently she moved out and currently lives alone. Her previous roommate in Spain owned a large dog and “didn’t get along with other dogs so I could never get one,” Hounshell said.

Hounshell grew up with several pets and an animal-loving family. Currently, her dad has two cats and two dogs. “My mom had 13 animals at one point while I was growing up,” Hounshell said.

Hounshell would love to get a pet and plans to get one in February. “I would like to get a cat because if I move again it will not be as stressful as having a dog,” Hounshell said.

Hounshell said that she likes pets and is usually a dog sitter for her parents and friends depending on the type of animal. “Once, while dog sitting, I had to get up every four hours for a senior dog, which was not a good experience,” Hounshell said.

Sophomore Parker Leibowitz does not have a pet but he wants one. Leibowitz said, “I want a pet because they are comforting and fun to play with.”

Leibowitz does not have a pet because his parents will not get one, since it’s a big responsibility. His parents do not dislike pets, but they don’t care for them either. “My parents said no to getting a pet because it’s a lot of work and believe I am not responsible enough and won’t take care of it,” Leibowitz said.

Leibowitz hopes to get a pet when he is older and lives on his own. “I hope to get a dog that is not too big or not too small so about medium in the future,” Leibowitz said.

Sophomore Carli Katz has two dogs named Cookie and Tootsie. Her dogs are different breeds: Cookie is a Newfoundland and Tootsie is an Australian Shepherd. The days Katz got her dogs were eventful and exciting for her and her family. ¨My family got Tootsie three years ago and Cookie last month,¨ Katz said.

Without my pets, life would be much more boring and lonely.

— Carli Katz

Having a pet has greatly affected Katz and her family. “It makes us happier being able to play with our dogs and getting constant comfort from them. Without my pets, life would be much more boring and lonely. My dogs keep me entertained and help me stay busy. I can talk to them, give them love and cuddles. My life wouldn’t be the same without them, they are the best,” Katz said