Emily in Paris does not amuse the French



A Netflix poster promotes “Emily In Paris.”

The new Netflix Original Emily In Paris is a light-hearted drama that leaves viewers with mixed opinions. This romantic comedy created by Darren Star, starring Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu and Ashley Park, was released to Netflix on Oct. 2.

Emily In Paris revolves around Emily, an American in her 20’s, who moves to Paris for a marketing job. While in Paris, Emily has to deal with being a stranger to the city while not knowing how to speak French. She also has to prove herself to her new colleagues, who are not happy with her limited knowledge of French and her American lifestyle. Emily learns how to adjust to her new life while balancing friends and her love life.

Emily In Paris has gotten praise for being easily bingeable and fun to watch. Sophomore Josie Starr enjoyed the show. “I think the show is funny and I also like seeing the differences between her job in America and France,” Starr said.

It is so cool to see different places in Paris and now I definitely want to go myself one day.”

— Sophie Friedman

After watching, viewers are planning their future trips to Paris. In the show, we see glamorous sights and famous landmarks around Paris, from the River Seine, to the Palais Garnier to the Arc de Triomphe. Junior Sophie Friedman loves the locations in the show. “It is so cool to see different places in Paris and now I definitely want to go myself one day,” Friedman said.

Despite being easy to watch and capturing beautiful locations, viewers, Parisians amongst them, have negative opinions on how Paris and the people in it are portrayed. People are unhappy with the countless clichés, laughing at the impractical aspects of the show.

The French are not huge fans. In fact, many of them made comments about the way Parisians are portrayed, and the unrealistic nature of the city. For example, Emily’s coworkers never arrive to work on time, as if they can come and go anytime they want. The show makes the French out to be lazy. An article from The New York Times pointed out “The clichés are so many and so concentrated that they pile up like a collection of little stories that become comical in their exaggeration.”

Another unrealistic aspect is Emily’s social media. Somehow, by posting random selfies and pictures of croissants, her social media blows up and she becomes an influencer. Despite only having 48 Instagram followers, her ‘American in Paris’ themed posts spiral through the media.

Emily is also not the most likeable. She doesn’t know any French and expects people around her to speak English. She goes through her day with a “fake it till you make it” attitude. Despite being shown taking French classes, Emily still seems unbothered by her limited French skills and continues to not take the class seriously.

Regardless of the negative comments, I would recommend Emily In Paris for anyone who wants an easy watch. It is fun to watch while home, thinking about being in the stunning city of Paris. However do not be surprised every time there is a cliché or cringy line. The show is full of scenes that are easily laughable or unrealistic in showing daily life in the capital of France.