Biden wins election, Trump in denial


Courtesy Google Commons

Joe Biden at a “Build Back Better” press conference in July 2020.

After four years of being represented by a man who represents a lack of dignity, respect and brain cells, “President” Donald J. Trump has been voted out and will soon be replaced by former Vice President Joe R. Biden, and I am thrilled about it. Trump has made it clear that he’s not going down without a fight, contradicting every single past president ever.

I asked my grandmother, “When in your life do you feel this country was the most divided?” Without hesitation, she said “right now.” She lived during segregation.

Trump’s successes during his presidency include record lows for unemployment and tax cuts. He has appointed many judges, began to build a wall and facilitated a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Trump is also responsible for the death of 240,000 Americans, an incredibly divided country, separating children from their parents at the border, calling Neo-Nazis “great people” and instilling fear throughout the country. There is nothing that Trump could do for the economy, taxes, or jobs, that takes away from the fact that he lacks morals.

Sophomore Reign Nzang, a non-binary Black person in America and an immigrant, was terrifed for Trump to be reelected, because they felt America would become a “race war” during four more years under the Trump administration. “I was extremely relieved” that Biden won, Nzang said.

Nzang believes that the elections were “fair and square”, but is still in favor of a recount to settle disputes over myths of voter fraud. They also said that the waiting time between election day and when the public found out the winner was problematic.

They recognize that Trump is “a sore loser” and think that he will complain about his defeat on Twitter for the next few weeks.

Trump has been setting the stage for voter fraud allegations for months before voting began. The idea that Biden voters commit widespread voter fraud has become prominent among his base. Trump has filed multiple cases alleging voter fraud, they have all been rejected due to lack of/no evidence.

Junior Spencer Fagel feels that mail-in voting is flawed and claims it causes problems. However, the US Department of Homeland Security said that the 2020 election was the “most secure in history.” “The mail-in voting causes lots of voter inaccuracy, especially in Arizona and Detroit,” Fagel said.

Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich said that “there is no evidence” of widespread fraud, and a Michigan judge refused to block the certification of Detroit’s election results, also due to lack of evidence of fraud.
Fagel wants a recount of votes and thinks that “They should definitely just not let Biden be president” until a lack of fraud is proven.

Aside from alleged voter fraud, Fagel thinks that Coronavirus was the pivotal issue that resulted in Trump’s defeat.

There’s a small margin of error that voters must accept. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in this election. Chris Wallace of Fox News said that there is “absolutely no evidence of voter fraud.”

One of the worst things about Trump’s presidency has been the growing divide between parties. Trump encourages bigots to speak their minds and act on their bigotry. He has been an embarrassing figurehead throughout the past four years. He does not represent me and is not my president.

Biden isn’t perfect, but he is substantially better than Trump. With Biden’s win, I’m excited to not see a new record number of Covid deaths everyday, to see this country be put back together again, for us to be Americans, not Democrats or Republicans and to feel that my president cares about the people he leads.

I’m most excited for dignity to be restored to the White House and the U.S.A..