SGA plans COVID-safe homecoming Google slides competition


Julia Lvovsky

The senior class of 2021 room slides won with 542 likes.

This year’s homecoming was canceled along with all of the activities and friendly grade competitions due to COVID-19. Students were upset by this, so SGA jumped in and planned a Google slides competition.

SGA wanted to bring a little light back to these dark times by creating a homecoming Google slides room competition between grades. Usually, each class would decorate a hallway and build a float during the homecoming season. The winners would be announced at the homecoming pep rally.

This year, we couldn’t keep the traditions going, so SGA decided to do it virtually to mimic the hallway. They gave rules to each class planning to decorate Google slides to represent their “ideal quarantine rooms.”

Each grade had all week to create the room, and on Friday it would be posted to the SGA Instagram page. The winner of the room would be determined by whichever grade got the most likes on the post.

The grades worked hard on the room and they were posted as planned on Friday. There was a technical issue with the posts which caused them to be deleted and reposted the next day for a recount of likes.

The senior class won with a total of 542 likes. In second place, the sophomore class got 498 likes. Lastly, the junior class received 333 likes.

Junior Nick Jones takes pride in being a leader in SGA. Jones said, “Even though we are online this semester, we wanted to still show our school’s spirit by having a virtual spirit week to bring our Wootton community back together.”

The Google slides included a picture of a room and an explanation of everything in it. Each grade organized their class planning to meet either at lunch or after school to create these slides. Anyone who wanted to help was encouraged and welcomed.

Sophomore class president Max Choi said, “I felt that the Google slides were a decent way to bring our class together during this time of the pandemic. I am so very proud of my class for how well we did in the competition, beating the juniors and almost beating the seniors by inches.”

Adding on to the Google slides, SGA also held a virtual spirit week. Students dressed up the week of Sept. 28 just as if they were in person. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was tropical Tuesday, Wednesday was workout Wednesday, Thursday was crazy hat/hair day and Friday was class colors.

As a senior, it was nice to have something I could watch and participate in virtually during this time.”

— Iman Idrissa

Senior Iman Idrissa, a member of the SGA, said, “I thought they were a really fun and creative way for students to come together and get involved in school spirit. As a senior, it was nice to have something I could watch and participate in virtually during this time.”