College applications cause anxiety during COVID-19


Noah Lenkin

Senior Sidney Cohen works diligently on her college applications.

College applications are always a difficult process, but this year, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the in-person aspects of applications, like touring schools. However, seniors are still finding ways to find the right colleges for them.

It is not easy narrowing down colleges, but once seniors do, they begin the dreaded process of writing their essays. Seniors consult with favored teachers, counselors and their parents, and some hire personal advisers to help with the process.

The process is very frustrating and difficult at times but I am excited to go to college.”

— Rishika Jadhav

While writing college applications, seniors have to think about how they want themselves to be represented on their main essay, supplemental essays and even the activities they choose to list. It takes lots of drafts, long nights, and disappointment, but each senior arrives at the point where they are satisfied with their essays.

The two most common platforms of college applications are the Common Application and the Coalition Application. It is important to find out which application the college you are applying to uses.

Naviance also plays a big part in the college process, helping facilitate teacher recommendations and official transcript requests, as well as the counselor letter of recommendation. Most students begin them in the spring or summer before senior year, as it is wise to at least start them so you are not overwhelmed with your academic requirements of senior year.

Students think college apps are hard work. “College applications for me are challenging because of both the amount of work needed to be done and the stress of trying to get into a good school,” senior Sydney Reiser said.

This opinion was shared by other students. “College apps have been challenging and time consuming but overall they are going great and make me excited for next year. At this point in the process, I have submitted most of my college applications,” senior Sidney Cohen said.

Another student had a different view. “College applications are super stressful but they’ve forced me to reflect on the kind of person [I am] and what I want to pursue in the future after my college experience. The process is very frustrating and difficult at times but I am excited to go to college,” senior Rishika Jadhav said.

Others are close to completion. “I am getting through the process, I still have some supplementals to do but I am getting ready to turn them in soon,” senior Ellie Helgeson said.

Students, despite the challenges of this year, are still plowing through their college applications. They have not let the pandemic stop them from completing applications they can be proud of when they reflect after finishing the long, tiring process.