Amazon Fresh set to open in Gaithersburg


Photo by Helena Hong

Office Depot on Shady Grove Rd. has a closing sale as it gets ready to close and open Amazon Fresh in 2021.

Amazon is a multinational technology company founded by Jeff Bezos, who is also the CEO and president. Not only does Amazon sell goods online efficiently, but it also has branched out into different categories creating products like the Kindle, Amazon Alexa, Prime Video and more. Most recently, Amazon has expanded its business to grocery stores, creating its first store in Woodland Hills, CA, in late August, called Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Fresh emphasizes its low-price yet high quality products as well as its new and efficient processes. You can choose the Amazon Dash Cart, allowing shoppers to skip the checkout line and exit through the Dash Cart lane by scanning the QR code on the Amazon app, which is directly linked to your Amazon account. The cart uses computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to identify items in the cart, allowing customers to save time by skipping the need to scan each item. You can also order groceries online and simply pick up at the store. Additionally, Amazon has improved its Amazon Alexa technology to help customers with any questions they may have while shopping, allowing quick and easy access to help.

Its Dash Cart technology seems really cool too and I will definitely be going when it opens.”

— Sharon Oh

This grocery store is set to move into the space previously occupied by Office Depot on Shady Grove Road in 2021. Students were shocked to hear about this new store opening so close. “I wasn’t aware that the Amazon grocery store was moving in so close. I’m actually really excited because I want to see how Amazon’s grocery stores compare to other grocery stores like Giant or Safeway, like better or worse. Its Dash Cart technology seems really cool too and I will definitely be going when it opens,” senior Sharon Oh said.

Junior Charlie Qin did not know Amazon had a grocery store but is fascinated by the new features it will bring. “It seems pretty cool. Amazon is known for high-tech stuff so I’m looking forward to seeing how they incorporate it into their grocery store. The Dash Cart option seems really efficient since we can go in and out super quickly, without waiting in lines, and everything would be just charged to our Amazon account automatically,” Qin said.

Other students are reluctant to go since there are other grocery stores that are much closer. “I probably would visit Amazon Fresh at least once but I’m not sure if I would shop there all the time unless it is a lot better than all the other grocery stores. Giant and Trader Joes are very close to my house while the location set for Amazon Fresh is a lot farther,” senior Anela Trakic said.