Senior traditions not on pause


Eleni Jones

Eleni Jones and Rachel Son sitting on top of one of the cars they painted in their tie-dye senior shirts

It’s finally the one they have been waiting for: Senior year. These upperclassmen have been looking forward to the traditions of decorating their cars, tie-dying their senior shirts, and screaming at football games since they were freshmen; but sadly due to the coronavirus, some of these joyful moments have been stripped away. In an attempt to keep their heads up, these students have been finding ways to still have these exciting traditions happen.

I am just trying to make the best of a situation through these hard times.”

— Riya Kohli

Senior Riya Kohli has tried to make the best of this situation. Kohli and some of her friends decided to tie-dye their senior shirts and take pictures on their cars in the parking lot. She felt that although this was not what she has always had in mind, it was a way to still do one of the traditions she has been looking forward to for a long time. “I am just trying to make the best of a situation through these hard times,” Kohli said.

Senior Eleni Jones also has kept her head up during these unprecedented times. Jones and some of her friends also continued the tradition of painting and taking pictures on top of their cars together. They put pictures, words, and senior sayings all over a white Jeep wrangler. Although this is not how Jones pictured the start of this year, she is just happy she was able to partake in the tradition. “The pictures came out so cute and I was just so happy to see all my friends,” Jones said.

Seniors also have traditions for athletics. Senior Jillian Pohoryles is a captain on the poms’ team and is trying to still have those moments. Pohoryles said that although she is disappointed that the season is not going as planned, she is still trying to create those fun activities that she has had on the team every year. In an attempt to have her senior night, Pohoryles said she is hoping that some type of event can happen at some point in the season to recognize the seniors and their efforts. “After years of hard work and dedication to this sport, I am just hoping that I can still have some of those moments I was waiting for,” Pohoryles said.

Senior Jack Grange was supposed to be playing varsity football this season. As a senior on the team, he was anticipating getting the joy of playing the last rival game against Churchill and having a senior night. Although Grange won’t have some of those moments, he has still made efforts to meet up with kids on the football team and have some type of bonding experience. “Making efforts to see the other guys on the team still allows me to have memories of my senior year that I can look back on,” Grange said.