Student businesses blossom during quarantine


Fifi Akinfe

Junior Fifi Akinfe showcases handmade Nigerian bracelets. These can range from authentic Nigerian designs, to trendy luxury logos.

From collages, to mask making, to tie dye, to jewelry and more, student entrepreneurs have to get creative in order to run a successful and well organized business. However, with the extensive amount of assignments and tests during the school year, time management is key to staying on top of everything.

Senior Crystal Loyd is selling handmade African goods such as jewelry, handmade bags, keychains and more inspired by time living in Africa. Even though this business was just recently started, Loyd already has potential customers. “Living in Africa inspired me to start my business because I saw the amazing things that my people made and I wanted to help sell them. I also realized that it’s not safe for them to meet customers during a pandemic so my business helps them sell their products online so that they can still make money while staying safe,” said Loyd.

Sophomore Samantha Goldberg is selling handmade tie dye and customs masks on her Instagram handle, @maskk.d for customers and group events that are stylish and raise money for non-profit organizations. Twenty percent of her proceeds are donated to No Kid Hungry, and additionally sells a ‘Spread Love, Not Germs’ mask that has all proceeds donated to the NAACP. “My friend Izzy and I decided to start selling masks in May to give back during this time and felt that since masks were going to be a part of our daily lives we should make them fashionable,” Goldberg said.

Freshman Ellie Mollica creates computer and phone wallpaper collages and folder stickers on her Instagram page, @_collagesbyellie. These designs consist of everything from luxury collages, simple designs, to college and camp wallpapers.. “I love making designs, and over quarantine, I started experimenting with a whole bunch of different crafts and activities, but I found out that I like making wallpapers. I love how I can make someone happy by looking at their screen, even if it’s a memory with someone else,” Mollica said.

Junior Fifi Akinfe was inspired by a dream of running a boutique and being an entrepreneur to sell handmade charm bracelets, authentic Nigerian jewelry pieces and waist beads, and skincare products on her Instagram page, @amourialuxe. As an entrepreneur and a student, Akinfe recognizes how important it is to complete all tasks in a timely fashion. “I keep an agenda and a schedule table for my business and job and school and extracurriculars. I have a timer for each task I do. I use the Pomodoro method all the time (25 minute task, 5 minute break, repeat)” Akinfe said.

Freshman Samantha Topf sells trendy bleached and tie dyed tank tops, sweatpants, masks, and more on her Instagram page, @tiedyebysam. Topf additionally sells apparel with small designs vinyls such as hearts, stars, lightning bolts and logos among others. Since these garments are hand dyed, each is unique to the customer.
With a wide range of student businesses to choose from at school, there’s one for everyone. Support your fellow classmates today by buying a product or just following their business on Instagram.