Top 8 Quarantine Hobbies


Peter Stanton Shepard

Sophomore Peter Stanton Shepard is filling his time binge watching The Umbrella Academy.

This summer was hard for students, as the Coronavirus made it so people were unable to hang out with friends. Students had to pick up new hobbies, since big plans over the summer such as vacation and going to camp were canceled. Here are the top eight quarantine hobbies students picked up.

8. Getting a job. Students may have struggled to fill their time throughout the summer so they went out and got jobs. Sophomore Ethan Kuan said, “I was getting bored and did not know how to fill my time so I got a job as a lifeguard.”

7. Video Games. Video games are not necessarily a new hobby but because new games came out, students have been grinding their way to the top. Recently new sports games NBA 2k21 and Madden 20 debuted and students put their thumbs to work.

6. Art. Students have ventured out of their comfort zone to fill up their day. Students’ art work has ranged from painting on a canvas to doing dot art on a sheet of paper. Dot art is where you glue little dots onto a design. Dot art became so popular over quarantine that it sold out in most places.

5. Card collecting. Recently, sports cards have been all the rave over social media platforms. Since sports have come back, people have been on a journey to collect cards and find packs. It is also a good way to make money while doing something you love.

4. Netflix. Again, Netflix isn’t a new hobby, but because new shows have come out, students have been binge watching. The Umbrella Academy season two came out recently and is one of the most popular series. Sophomore Peter Stanton Shepard said, “The show has such a new and fresh idea, and since they left us on a cliffhanger in season one, I had to binge season two.”

3. Socially distanced sports. Normally at this time of year students would be deep in the fall sports season.. Because of Covid-19, students need to find their activity elsewhere, from shooting basketballs distanced, to playing lacrosse six feet away from each other.

2. Puzzles. Puzzles require patience that most people don’t have, but because everyone has so much time on their hands, puzzles have been a new way to enjoy family time. They are nearly impossible to find on sites like Amazon or Ebay.

1. Watching sports. Although sports have always been a popular topic among students, since professional sports have resumed, people are watching passionately. Junior Jordan Needleman said, “I am a Wizards fan and have never been so disappointed in their performance. Even though they are out of the playoffs I have watched every basketball game in the bubble.”