Extracurriculars adapt to COVID-19


Ashley Woo

Swimmer gets into his lane by himself for practice.

With the Coronavirus wiping out in-person school clubs and sports, activities outside of school are changing rules and adapting to keep programs going and safe.

Welma Luus, director of Next Level Field Hockey and varsity Wootton coach, is having a full club season this fall with safety measures. Girls are required by the county to wear masks as well as get their temperatures checked before entering the field. Even though there will still be tournaments, practices mainly focus on skills , and during drills people are spread out. “We had to adjust how we do things and find ways to be creative and get the girls out and playing while still keeping everyone safe,” Luus said.

A popular activity for Jewish students is BBYO (B’nai B’rith Youth Organization). Programs are usually held on Saturday nights and meetings on Monday nights. Since the shutdown, all programming has been virtual, but BBYO is starting to have small in-person programs. “There are various protocols teens will need to follow in order to attend events and during events,” Regional Director of Baltimore Council Ilana Kornblatt said.“Professional staff and volunteer advisors will ensure all protocols are being followed before and during in person events,” Kornblatt said.

Swimmers also found themselves affected by Covid. Rockville Montgomery Swim Club had all practices cancelled for the beginning of the pandemic. Once summer rolled around, outside practices were permitted. “Not being able to train in a pool everyday was definitely a challenge,” sophomore Ashley Woo said.

Not being able to train in a pool everyday was definitely a challenge”

— Ashley Woo

RMSC is now having indoor practices with safety measures in place. Masks are mandatory when not in the water, only one person can be in a lane at a time, and no one is allowed to share equipment.

Like all the activities going on amidst the virus, swim season won’t be the same this year. “With all our upcoming meets being cancelled, we definitely won’t have a normal season,” Woo said.

Even though nothing will be the same for at least the start of this year, having modified activities is a way for everyone to feel like life is getting back to normal, while still staying safe.