Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt launches in Kentlands


Emma Hoffman

Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt opens in Kentlands, located on Market Street.

The new frozen yogurt place, Tutti Frutti opened its doors on Aug. 12. Located in Kentlands, on Market Street next to the new restaurant Bonchon, this frozen yogurt chain is definitely worth the trip.

Since its introduction into Edmonton, Canada, in 2011 Tutti Frutti has expanded across the continent. Not only does it have locations in the U.S., the froyo retail chain has stores in over 25 countries worldwide. Tutti Frutti has two other store locations in Montgomery County, in Pike and Rose and in Silver Spring. They offer over 80 flavors and recipes, along with a wide variety of toppings. From cream flavors, to sorbet, dairy-free flavors and tart flavors, there are plenty of options to choose from. Tutti Frutti creates unique tastes, making it appealing to customers and setting it apart from other frozen yogurt stores.

The quality of the yogurt is incomparable, with significant health benefits and use of fresh ingredients and toppings. The frozen yogurt contains probiotic cultures that help strengthen the immune system, improve the digestive tract and lower both blood pressure and cholesterol. Frozen yogurt is a new healthy dessert option people should try.

The frozen yogurt flavors are created at the Tutti Frutti headquarters located in Fullerton, CA. Offering gluten-free, soy, vegan, Halal certified and no added sugar, the frozen yogurt options meet the demands of any taste and diet. Tutti Frutti strives to provide their customers with exceptional service and care.

In recent years frozen yogurt stores across Montgomery County have closed, leaving these froyo lovers without an easy place to grab a delicious dessert. Now that Tutti Frutti has opened, students rushed to try out the amazing flavorful experience. Sophomore Alex Negussie said, “I like frozen yogurt and I was excited to try Tutti Frutti when it opened. Frozen yogurt stores like Sweet Frog in Travila closed so when I heard a new store was going in I rushed to get it.”

The store was updated and nice, I would definitely tell other people to go.

— Jolie Graham

The Tutti Frutti location in Kentlands has a clean store that will leave customers with no complaints. With cutting-edge yogurt machinery that is easy to use and two different cup sizes to choose from before picking your flavor, the options are boundless. Don’t limit yourself to just one flavor, mixing flavors is a great way to try them all out. The topping bar is right next to the register where employees put the toppings on for you. Sophomore Jolie Graham said, “The store was updated and nice, I would definitely tell other people to go.”

Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt has also given back to children in need. With their Soy Bean Frozen Yogurt opportunity they have teamed up with the Nutrition and Education Institute where 10 percent of profits are donated to children in need. They also offer the opportunity for clubs or teams to fundraise and sponsor events.
When looking for an easy dessert Tutti Frutti is the place to try. Senior Riya Kohli said, “I went to Tutti Frutti a few days after it opened and it was so good. I got the coconut yogurt with rainbow sprinkles and I would definitely go back again.”