“Tenet” mesmerizes with complex storyline


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Tenet is rated PG-13. It was released on Sept. 3, and has a 7.9/10 on IMDb.

(Spoilers ahead) “Tenet” is yet another Christopher Nolan masterpiece that is sure to become a classic. The film stars John David Washington as the lead role of the protagonist. The film is 2 hours and 30 minutes along and was released on Sept. 3.

The protagonist (unnamed in the film) is racing against time to prevent the outbreak of World War III. A new scientific discovery known as “inverted entropy” enables specific objects to move backward through time. With this newly acquired knowledge, he learns that there is a possibility that these are from the future, and are linked to a weapon capable of destroying the past.

As one can probably surmise from the synopsis, this is a complex and puzzling movie both conceptually and in how the plot unfolds. Also, the action is extremely intense, resulting in an engaging atmosphere. “It was very intense and confusing, but the action was amazing,” sophomore Cameron Demello said.

One major aspect of the film that did not satisfy me was the audio quality. Many scenes were difficult to understand and left aspects of the film unclear due to the dialogue being hard to hear. “The overbearing sound mix makes important dialogue unintelligible,” IndieWire said in a recent article on the film.

Though the film had issues sonically, the scenes and visual effects were astounding. The scenes were intriguing aesthetically, due to intricate details in the set design.

I experienced this film in an auditorium with a Dolby screen, resulting in in-depth color and a wider viewing angle. Iit made for an immersive experience, as the intensity in some scenes could be felt in my seat in the theater. A movie of this high caliber action and complexity is deserving of a Dolby screen. If you have the option, I would highly recommend it.

Another strong point of this mesmerizing film is the acting. The sheer emotion that is on display from start to finish can be felt by the viewer. The acting also adds to the intensity of multiple scenes in the film, which are sure to throw the audience for a loop.

Overall, “Tenet” is a crowd pleaser and a must watch for all movie fans. It is easily one of the most memorable films in my experience, and I definitely need to watch it again to take in the obscurities that add to the curious nature of the film. This is easily one of the best (if not the best) film of 2020.