Common Sense Responds: The Editorial Board’s official response to the Black Lives Matter movement

Common Sense Editorial

As the official news source for the Wootton community, we want to address what is going on in our country right now. The tragic murder of George Floyd and the deaths of numerous other Black Americans have sparked protests around the nation. The Common Sense Editorial Board fully supports the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement. While there is controversy throughout the nation, one fact is clear: change needs to be made. The black community deserves justice and equity, and the formal and informal systems that deny them this must be altered. In addition to acknowledgement of what is going on in our country, we want to educate our community and help everyone better understand the current situation. It is both our honor and responsibility to provide our readers with timely and accurate information. Over the next few days, we will be sharing a variety of articles relating to the Black Lives Matter movement, including how to consume news in healthy ways, positive actions that everyone can take during this time, how to be a true ally, how people can show their support to the black community through social media and how President Trump is responding to what is going on nationwide. We will also be providing history about the Black Lives Matter movement, police brutality and violent protests. We believe staying silent is an unacceptable response to the current events in this country, and this issue transcends politics. Whether you are conservative, liberal or somewhere in between, it should be clear that the murder of innocent people is not acceptable. We hope the information we provide will help our community support one another during this time and help bring everyone together. Common Sense is a diverse group, which gives us the privilege to see the matter from many different points of view. As an interactive organization, we welcome our readers’ ideas, concerns and opinions. We are here to listen and be a forum for discussion in our community. As we enter the final days of the school year, we want to create a strong sense of community that will last us through the summer and beyond. 

12 of 12 members of the editorial board agree