Don’t spread your germs at school


Berman, Danielle N (Student)

Danielle Berman, Staff Writer

A recent spike in the sick season has lead to many students at school becoming sick. A student, teacher, or administrator can contradict themselves onto whether or not they will go to school that day. If they do, they risk infecting others to become sick. But, many are worried about getting behind if they do not come.

There are some people who believe coming to school is the best idea. Sophomore Brady Weiss is one of them. While he hates the idea that he might infect other students, he also does not like to be behind in school. He has missed school before and his teachers had him get the work from fellow students. He could not ask the teacher for extra questions or help. Weiss also knew that his parents would not let him miss school because they do not want him to be behind. “I would rather be sick then behind at school,” Weiss said.

Although Nurse Ann Eversley understands this side of the argument, she believes that if a student is sick they should stay home. Eversley has heard first hand updates about the Coronavirus which makes it even more vital for students to stay home.

The spread of germs is happening fast in schools, which is making kids even more sick, which can eventually spread to their families. Not going to school if you are sick, is the best way to prevent a further spread to others. “Preventing others in getting sick is best solved by not going to school if you are sick,” Eversley said.

Another viewpoint though is that some believe that being sick is only to some extent. Parent Nicole Stern believes that unless her child is too sick to pay attention or she is contagious, that she should be at school. Stern wants her daughter to retain information the best way possible and that is in a class setting she believes.

There are not many sides or solutions to this problem. One solution can be to have the child stay home until they are not sick anymore and then further come back to school. Once they are back at school, set up a time with the teachers to help and try catch up. Another solution can be to have the child come to school but make sure they are taking precautions in staying away from other kids. This way they won’t be able to spread the sickness and they can ensure that themselves are getting healthier.