Art classes teach in-depth concepts; beneficial to creativity

Caroline Zhou, Staff Writer

Music and art impact learning, as they enhance their creative abilities and build skills.

Taking art classes is not only beneficial for students looking for an outlet to show their creativity and perspective, but it is also good for schools. Studies have shown that creative art programs enhance academic performance, raise overall test scores and boost critical thinking. Through taking art, students develop imagination, creativity, observation and social skills schools can’t teach.

Although it’s good to take an art class at some point in your high school career, you also have the choice to take classes outside of school. Art classes in school are a great place to learn the basic fundamentals and principles of art. However taking art classes in school isn’t always enough if you want to pursue a deeper field in art. “Taking art classes outside of school taught me art principles that school glossed over,” junior Andre Dovyov said.

Art classes or programs you can join outside of school include The Artists and Makers Studio, a popular art center that provides an environment for artists to come together and learn. The Artists and Makers Studio was also named Bethesda Magazine 2018 winner and labeled best place to experience art. The art center features different classes and workshops in their studio such as pastel painting, The Art of Dance and Movement, Photography Workshops, and painting lessons.

The Stonebranch School of Art, located on Rockville Pike, is a fine arts school dedicated to helping students of all ages reach their potential and grow in artistic abilities. Their youth and teen spring classes started on Jan. 28 but it’s not too late to sign up. Examples of topics they focus on in their classes include foundations of painting, comic art, drawing, sculpting and printmaking. Their spring and fall fashion design program is also open for registrations and scheduled interviews.

Their Fashion Design I, full year program is open for ninth to 11th graders and teaches basic design elements and principles. Their Fashion Design II Collective Development program covers advanced design, Intermediate Sewing II and Digital Apparel/Design. Students interested in applying for this program must complete Fashion Design I and submit an interview on their website.

The Stonebranch School of Art also offers summer internships and advanced programs, such as the summer high school and pre college studies aimed at serious, innovative students. This summer, you can also sign up for their Portfolio Development program designed to help 11th and 12th graders build a portfolio for college or job applications.

Another great place to take classes from is the VisArts art gallery. Their education department offers art classes for all ages and skill levels. Their classes cover all topics ranging from painting lessons to sculpting. VisArts also offers gallery jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities as well as a studio program for experienced artists.