Honors societies open for student membership

Helena Hong, Staff Writer

This school has a wide variety of Honor Societies available for students to join such as the National Honors Society, National Chinese Honors Society, Latin National Honors Society and more. Honors societies are organizations that recognize the excellence of the students in different subjects. Students serve their community in different ways from tutoring to creating art.

The most popular honor society is the National Honors Society. To apply to this organization, a student must have a 3.6 unweighted GPA or 4.2 weighted GPA and their application must include three teacher recommendations, two in-school activities and two out-of-school service activities. “I think people should apply to NHS if they want to make a difference in the community. One of the NHS pillars is service and we focus all of our fundraising events toward charities and organizations that are dedicated to the betterment of the people in the community. For example, we raised over $1,500 this year for the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, whose goal is to end poverty in our county. I also think students should apply if they enjoy tutoring their peers and helping them succeed in school. Tutoring is one of our main activities so this is a great way to personally impact others at Wootton,” co-president of NHS and senior Osagie Aimiuwu said.

Another honor society is the National Chinese Honors Society. To join this society, students must be in Chinese level three or higher, a 3.5 or higher average in Chinese for the last three semester, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, be willing to tutor in Chinese, be willing to participate in NCHS activities as assigned and commit to take a higher level of Chinese in the coming school year. NCHS’ goal this year is to raise money for education in rural China and bring awareness to Chinese culture by creating culture displays in the Quince Orchard Public Library and in-school bulletin display.

Students enjoy being in honor societies and wish to join more. “I’m in National Honors Society right now and I love being in it because it lets me give back to the community and unifies not only students in this school but also the whole community. Tutoring other students is more of a direct impact but fund raisings and food drives allow us to give back to the community and even other countries such as Kenya where we had a fundraiser to support Kenya Connect through our cookie dough sales,” junior member of NHS Anela Trakic said.

Some students who have not yet applied to honor societies hope to. “I want to join honor societies but I missed the application date so I’m going to try out next year. They seem fun and a good opportunity to give back to the community,” sophomore Charlie Qin said.