Outstanding students deemed Patriots of the Month


Amanda Slud, Staff Writer

Students who exceed expectations and constantly try their hardest get acknowledged as a Patriot of the Month.

Once a month, a small group of students is chosen by their teachers. They get a chance to read the positive statements teachers said about them. This program is led by Principal Kimberly Boldon.

In order for a student to be a Patriot of the Month, a teacher recommends them. Students receive a letter telling them to report to Boldon’s office during lunch.
If a teacher wants to recommend a student for Patriot of the Month, they write a few sentences on why they chose this student and what the student has done. In the past teachers have written about how their students have shown acts of kindness, positive energy and continuous dedication.

Sophomore Josh Freedman was ecstatic when he found out he was chosen for his freshman year. “I was given the honor of being Patriot of the Month first quarter of my freshman year. After receiving a letter telling me to report to Ms. Boldon’s office during lunch, my heart stopped,” Freedman said.

Students enjoyed the experience and were happy they were chosen. “It was really fun being recognized by a teacher for all my hard work. The teacher who recommended me said that I was a good student and helped my peers succeed,” sophomore Ethan Fayne said.

Sophomore Lizzie Nelson enjoyed being recognized for her help with the softball team. “We went to Ms. Boldon’s office and we read paragraphs teachers had written about our accomplishments. Mine was about organizing winter softball with no coach,” Nelson said.

Fayne felt honored he was chosen for this program. “It was a unique experience and I was honored my teacher picked me and noticed my hard work,” Fayne said.

The Patriots of the Month take a photo with Boldon and receive special shirts. These students also have their names read aloud on the morning announcements. Their photos as well as the paragraphs that teachers wrote about them can be found on the school website.

Students who get the chance to be Patriot of the Month never forget the experience and carry that pride. “Every time I wear the Patriot of the Month shirt I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment,” Freedman said.

If a student is interested in being a Patriot of the Month, they should keep up with their work and should demonstrate leadership skills and do a good job including their peers in group work or helping others. “For anyone who wishes to achieve the award, I would strongly encourage them to show leadership and Patriot spirit both inside and outside of the classroom,” Freedman said.