Online Exclusive: 21 Bridges

Justin Miller, Staff Writer

21 Bridges is a movie starring Chadwick Boseman that is definitely worth your time. 21 Bridges takes place in Manhattan. Boseman is a detective whose father was killed by cop killers. In the movie, he chases down cop killers by closing all the bridges in Manhattan. The theme is to never trust anybody and always look at the details. Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

In the beginning of the movie, two criminals are doing a little job for a dealer, but are caught by cops. They kill the cops and try to run through the city for four hours until the bridges reopen. 

What is learned later in the movie is every single cop except for Boseman is on a dealer’s payroll. When the cops get killed by the robbers, the cops know something is going to happen and the robbers have the jump on them.

One terrific aspect about the movie is the around 15 plot twists. Every 10 minutes something new that is crucial to the story comes up. A cop turns on another, someone important dies or a huge fight scene occurs. Freshman Peter Stanton-Shepard said, “It was a little confusing too keep up with but it is very interesting”.

One of the reasons people should watch the movie is because Boseman is in it. After his phenomenal performances in Black Panther, Avengers Infinity war and Avengers Endgame people wonder what roles he would take. Sophomore Jim Hsu said, “Chadwick Boseman is a phenomenal actor and is my favorite Avenger.”

The starpower in the movie is incredible. Although the star is Boseman, other actors such as Sienna Miller and J.K. Simmons also shines. These names might not seem familiar, but Simmons has starred in the original Spiderman as the head reporter, Spiderman 3 and Spiderman Far from Home. He is also the only thing enjoyable about Justice League. Sophomore Jordan Needleman said, “ J.K. Simmons has only gotten better with age and I can’t wait to see him in more films.”

The directors did an amazing job making the movie feel real. Every scene has some sort of realistic emotion or action that the audience is able to relate to