Online Exclusive: New food hall comes to Montgomery County

Beatriz Kim, Staff Writer

Deciding on one restaurant is always incredibly hard, which is why the idea of food halls made it convenient for those who want variety. Food halls originated in Chicago in the 1890s, when a man by the name of John Kruger, “adapted the smorgasbord restaurants of Chicago’s large Scandinavian population into the cafeteria,” Window to the World said.

Food halls were first introduced to Rockville on Jul. 7 with the opening of an Asian food hall called The Spot. The Spot, today, is popular with teens and is considered a recommended hang out spot for friends and families. A second food hall opened on Nov. 7, Pike Kitchen, owned by James Park.

Soon after, Asian food hall The Block was introduced to Montgomery County after opening their first food hall in Annandale, Virginia, three years ago, Bethesda magazine said.

The Block, just like The Spot and Pike Kitchen, is a food hall that brings more food offerings to its customers. What makes The Block unique from the other food halls is that Arturo Mei, the co-owner of The Block announced that they would eventually host weddings, corporate events and yoga sessions, along with other activities, according to Bethesda Magazine.

The Block has become another popular hang out spot for teens and those who are fond of Asian cuisine. Sophomore Elena Khanlarbeik compares The Block to other food halls such as The Spot saying it is a nice place to hang out with friends and “the food looks better prepared.”

The Block was specifically designed to make a friendly environment for their customers, including comfortable seating such as couches. “There are comfortable couches, which makes it customer friendly,” junior Natalie Eisen said.

The Block has also made a fun first impression for adults as they have a bar that opens from 11 a.m. to midnight on Sundays through Wednesdays, and 11 to 2 a.m. from Thursdays through Saturdays.