Athletes prepare for spring season


Justin Linn, Staff Writer

Feb. 29 marked the official start of spring sports. Tennis, baseball, lacrosse, softball, volleyball, and track, get the baton passed to them as their time has come and the off-season workouts are finally put to the test.

Sophomore Ethan Cohen has been working hard as he prepared for the lacrosse season. Cohen spent last season playing in the JV games but practicing for varsity. Cohen knows that he will most likely play for the varsity squad this season but has been and will continue to work hard so he can keep a spot. “I have been participating in all the workouts for the team, and I have also been playing a lot of lacrosse by myself,” Cohen said.

Freshman Ethan Goldstein looked to get ready for the baseball season, but isn’t unfamiliar with playing on the team. Goldstein played for the JV fall team, which gave him good experience with his teammates and coaches. Goldstein also got a good feel for what it’s like to play against pitchers who are throwing much faster and hitters who are hitting much harder. “I hope that I will be able to continue to play hard and show the coaches what I can do on the tryout days. I have been working hard throughout the fall and winter,” Goldstein said.

Sophomore Dylan Taylor has been playing tennis for four years and looks to take all his off-season hard work to the court and show what he is made of. Taylor has been working hard at a court near his house and hopes to find a way on to the team. Taylor did not make the team last year because there is only a varsity squad but hopes that this will be the year where he can leave his mark. “I have been working with coaches and other players, and hopefully the coach will see what I can do and like it, so I can play for the team this season,” Taylor said.

Sophomore Allison Saenger played for the JV volleyball team this past winter, and hopes to continue to dominate the JV competition throughout the season, and get called up for playoffs. Saenger knows that her hard work should pay off and won’t stop practicing to her fullest potential. “I love playing volleyball and the teammates and coaches are really good, and I get really good feedback. I am looking forward to another fun-filled season,” Saenger said.

Sophomore Lizzie Nelson helped the softball team go 10-4 last year as a freshman. Nelson’s role has increased due to the seniors graduating and not many girls wanting to play. Nelson has been going to all the workouts and practicing at home. “Hopefully this season we can go undefeated. I have a lot of faith in these girls to get the job done,” Nelson said.