Freshmen prepare for first sports season

Freshmen prepare for first sports season

Leah Starr, Profiles Editor

As spring sport tryouts begin, athletes prepare in the ways they know best. Whether it’s practicing with friends, running or going to the gym, at this point students know what to do. This may not be the case for the freshmen who are planning to tryout for their first school sport in the spring.

Tryouts are always stressful, but for the freshmen who have never tried out before, it is even more intimidating. “I am very nervous for the season to start because I don’t know what to expect,” freshman Carli Katz said.

Other freshmen athletes feel excited for their first season to come. “I have been playing baseball for a really long time and I love the sport. I am so excited to be able to tryout for the school team and maybe get to play with my school friends. I am also excited to make new friends,” freshman Josh Erd said.

Because the freshman do not know how to prepare for the season, older students have been willing to give their advice. “My advice to the freshman is to work out on your own as well as with friends. It’s also really important to go to the team conditionings and make sure to get involved with the team as much as you can,” junior Zara Chavoshi said.
Other upperclassmen on spring sports teams help out and guide freshman in the right direction. “I have been helping many freshman with what they should practice for tryouts. There are a lot of running drills involved in our tryouts so I have been really trying to help the freshman get prepared for that,” senior Kendall Clark said.

All of the spring sports teams have conditionings that are a great way to get in shape as well as bond with the players. “I go to baseball conditionings many times a week. It’s a really good way to practice baseball with the players on the team before tryouts,” Erd said.

It is a good idea for the freshmen to prepare for their first tryouts- especially because they could be playing on these teams for the next four years. Students have not only developed their skills during their time spent on school teams, but also have made long-lasting friendships. “I love all the friends I have made while playing soccer at the school. I am so happy that I have such strong connections with my teammates and it’s so fun that I get to see them all the time at school too,” Chavoshi said.