Students share their unique pets


Amanda Slud
staff writer

Ranging from snakes to chickens, students enjoy having unique animals at their homes.

Junior Steven Mendleson loves his snake. “Having a snake is pretty easy and fun. It’s different than a normal pet like a dog but they are great pets. I get to hold him and feed him and he does cool things like shed skin,” Mendleson said.

Students also have turtles. “Having pet turtles is really fun because they are pretty cool but also are very easy to take care of. Unlike other pets they only require their tanks to be cleaned every two to three weeks, and they live for around 80 years,” sophomore Adalyn Guly said.

Another unusual animal one student owns is a gecko. “Having a gecko is really fun because I like geckos and they are cool. It is really nice to own a gecko because they are great conversation starters. My gecko’s name is Stubby because I stubbed my toe while thinking of a name for him,” Miller said.

Sophomore Daniela Cottone has chickens as pets. The chickens are fed daily, and lay green and blue eggs. “I love having chickens. One of my favorite things about them is all of their different personalities. One can be super outgoing and wants to be held or pet and another wants nothing to do with you. It’s cool to watch them run around the yard because they look like dinosaurs,” said Cottone.

One of the most common pets students have are dogs. “I love playing with my dogs. They are always so excited to see me when I get home. I also take them on walks,” sophomore Jenna Siman said.

Lots of students have fish. “Owning fish is pretty easy because you just have to feed them and change the water once a week. Plus it’s really fun to watch them swim around and interact with each other” sophomore Ben Christovich said.