The keys to breaking bad habits


Jenna Lind, Sports Editor

According to author James Clear, after continuously doing something for 66 days, it becomes a habit. Habits formed due to stress or boredom become bad habits. Sometimes, people think getting rid of a bad habit happens overnight or it goes away easily, but in reality it takes hard work to break habits and you have to replace them with good habits to be successful.

Bad habits are likely to form in high school because students stress about college, tests and their futures. High school is when students are likely to become addicted to coffee because they are not receiving enough sleep. “Researchers found 73 percent of high school students across 30 states are not getting enough sleep,” according to AP News.

Coffee gives students energy when they are not receiving the appropriate amount of sleep each night, which should be eight to 10 hours. Students begin to rely on caffeine to get them through the day, which isn’t healthy for your brain. “I drink coffee every morning before school. I cannot make it through the school day without falling asleep,” senior Sufiya Van Gieson said.

Students can overcome their coffee addiction by slowly cutting back their caffeine intake. People often think cutting caffeine cold turkey is best, but in reality that is why people feel withdrawal symptoms and fatigue. Cutting back slowly teaches the body to become less and less dependent. People should try to drink more water throughout the day when tapering off the coffee to help your body stay hydrated and flush the caffeine out naturally.

Students in high school tend to procrastinate doing their homework and projects till the last minute. Students get home from school or after school activities and go on their phone for hours before starting their work. Before they know it, it is midnight and they are still doing homework. It is common for students to put off doing their work because after spending almost seven hours learning it is not appealing for students to go home and spend additional hours doing more work. “When I get home from school I usually spend around an hour on my phone before starting my homework,” junior Eleni Jones said.