Annual Google Doodle contest challenges students’ creativity; lucrative prizes entice

Ryan Mcgraw, Staff Writer

Doodle for Google is an annual contest designed to encourage eligible U.S. students to use their creativity to create an interpretation of the Google logo. The winner of the contest gets their doodle featured on the local Google homepage, as well as other prizes.

Submissions can come from U.S. students between the Kindergarten and 12th grade. Each student is only allowed to enter one doodle. A parents or educator is required to turn in the doodles for the students. Last year there were over 200,000 submissions.
Google has been hosting the contest every year since 2008. The Doodle for Google website has all the details on the contest. If students want to participate they must turn in their doodle by Mar. 3.

Each year Google picks a theme for the contest. Last year’s was “When I grow up I hope…” and this year it is “I Show Kindness by…” Google is inviting entrants to tell how they show kindness in the world. “I like how Google is making the themes ones that inspire people and can make people’s days when they see them,” junior Raymon Amir said.

Last year’s winner Arantza Peña Popo appeared on Saturday Night Live. “Google doodle was one of the coolest experiences of my life, especially winning the contest. I encourage every student to give it a shot and just have fun with it,” Peña Popo said.

The winner of the contest gets more than being featured on the Google page for a day. They also get a $30,000 scholarship to any college, a $50,000 technology package for their school/non-profit organization, a trip to the Google headquarters in California, Google hardware and all the Google merch anyone could want.

The prizes could be life changing. The prizes are amazing and can really help people in need. $30,000 scholarship to any college you want could really help families with not a lot of money take a little stress off of their lives. Along with the $50,000 to any school/Non-profit organization could help benefit a lot of people,” freshman Jessica Winson said.

Each year Google assembles a panel of judges to help decide the winner. Last year one of the judges was Jimmy Fallon. So far this year they only have one judge, Rodney Robinson, the 2019 national teacher of the year. Once the judges have narrowed it down to the best 54 doodles, the public decide the winner.

Doodle for Google is a good way for students to get more involved in the world and make an impact. “I like the idea of Doodle for Google because people can send a message to the world through their art and make a real impact in the world,” sophomore Nate Jacobs said.