Black Student Union celebrates African American achievements

Vishaka Choudhary, Commons Editor

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans, recognizing the role of they played in U.S. history, honored by every president since 1976 as a month of celebration and recognition for African American culture and heritage. The school’s Black Student Union celebrated Black excellence in various ways all month.

With hundreds of different cultures and backgrounds all around us today, it is important to honor your culture and incorporate it into your life. The BSU has shown displays of their pride with Black History Month celebrations all month long.
The BSU celebrated Black History Month by visiting middle schools. Senior President Ellie Baker headed to Cabin John on Feb. 21 to discuss what it means to be a leader. “I think it’s important to show young people that being a leader means more than power,” Baker said.

The BSU also set up a spirit week celebration from Feb. 24 to Feb. 28 to demonstrate their pride and what Black history month means to them. Senior Lulu Baker was excited for the spirit week festivities. “I can’t wait for spirit week, it starts with Motherland Monday, which is where we wear colors from our mother countries. Tuesday is Decades Tuesday which is kind of the same but highlights African fashion over the decades. Wednesday is Wavecheck Wednesday, which draws attention to different hairstyles black women and girls have. Thursday is Black Excellence Thursday, and Friday is Flag Friday,” Baker said.

Additionally, the BSU held a Black History Month Program on Feb. 27. Senior Angel Sousani showed her gratitude for her culture on stage. “The Black History Month program is going to consist of most of the Black Student Union members singing, performing skits, reciting speeches and poems on Thursday night,” Sousani said.

Black History Month is important to the BSU members. “It has not been easy to be Black. For the longest time Black people had their rights taken away from them, Black History Month reminds me of all the things that we as a community of young Black people should be proud of. That does not mean it’s easier to be Black now, we’re bombarded by stereotypes and misjudgments. However, our cultures are rich and we are proud of them. I’m really glad the BSU celebrated Black History Month,” junior Laurenne Mvete said.