Online Exclusive: Netflix or Hulu?

Jake Hoffman, Staff Writer

People may view Netflix as the superior streaming service, but others see Hulu as the better option. Those who think Netflix is the best couldn’t be more wrong.

Those who say Netflix, argue that there’s more content, and in the basic package Netflix allows two people to stream at once while Hulu only allows one.

Netflix might have old shows or a bigger variety of movies to watch, but Hulu offers all the modern TV shows and movies for the whole family to watch together. “I prefer Netflix because I love to watch Friends and Hulu doesn’t offer that,” freshman Jake Konnigsberg said.

Netflix might be able to allow multiple people to watch on the same account at once, but Hulu has a great variety of new movies that come out in every software update. Hulu also offers a premium so more than one person can watch at once for only $6 more. “I have Hulu premium and it was definitely worth the extra few dollars I spent,” sophomore Dylan Yoon said.

Hulu offers the cheapest base plan out of the two costing only $5.99 a month while Netflix’s base plan cost $12.99 a month increasing from the price in years prior. “Hulu felt like the better option for me only because of the price,” junior Riya Kohli said.

Hulu also has an easier way of navigating its interface. Hulu is easier to use on most devices than previously, with categories like Keep Watching, TV, Movies, and Kids that make it pretty simple to navigate. “Hulu is so easy to use and I just enjoy the streaming service so much. I think it’s better than when I previously had Netflix,” freshman Jessica Winston said.

The main reason Hulu is better is because of the live TV plan it offers, the basic plan costs $54.99 a month and the premium just six more at $60.99 a month. The average cost for a T.V subscription is $107 a month, and Hulu with live TV costs almost half of that. Why would anyone want to spend $107 a month when you could spend $54.99 a month and get all the live TV channels, and you get all the movies and TV shows that regular Hulu has.

Netflix and Hulu are similar streaming services that both offer great varieties of TV shows and movies. If you have to pick one, Hulu is the way to go. If you just want the basic plan or want to add the live TV Hulu is the best streaming service out there.