County-wide sports: Cameras being used to broadcast games

Miller Romm, Back Page Editor

Have you ever been sitting at home or on vacation seeing texts from your friends about how crazy the basketball game is, or asking what the field hockey score is? Well your frustration can now end, because high school sports all around the county are soon going to be accessible and filmed on the brand new National Federation of High School broadcast program.

This program will allow students from all around the county to watch their favorite high school game and not have to travel the distance. For a team that is playing Poolesville, instead of having to drive 30-40 minutes, students can support the athletes by watching the game on the NFHS broadcast system. This will be beneficial for both the players and the rest of the student body. With such easy access to this program students can keep a tab on the scores of the games and the players who were playing well. “I cannot wait for the program to launch so I can watch whichever game I want to watch and not have to be at every game,” junior third baseman Brian Garmer said.

Hopefully this does not deter students from continuing to come to games, and instead is used when students can not make the events. It can also make sports a bigger deal and help our pride exponentially. Students can not only stay connected with basketball but can also rewatch the games for volleyball, football, lacrosse, field hockey, bocce and more. “This is going to give our team more recognition and fans,” sophomore point guard Ryan Parent said.

Coaches and players are also going to take advantage of this program. Instead of having parents film every game, the games will be archived and held there for teams that want to watch the film and evaluate what they need to improve upon. Coaches and players have continued to struggle to get a parent to be at every game and stand there filming. Therefore teams are left with no game film and the evaluation is solely based on what is seen in the game and on the spot. This program will fix those issues and allow athletes to look back on the game and try to learn from their mistakes. This is such a valuable aspect and can change the way a team plays, as they can see what they can change and improve upon. “Watching film helps me understand the way the defense is sliding and how to exploit that,” junior midfielder Chris Rinaldi said.

By May there will be over 54 cameras installed in the 27 high schools, one in the gym and one on the field. The device will have three separate cameras, which give different views and follow the ball throughout the play. Watching this program will be like watching your TV at home. The NFHS broadcast system will forever change the way Montgomery County students view their sports teams.