Second semester affects every student differently

Noah Lenkin, Staff Writer

As second semester settles in, seniors slip into senioritis, the disease where they don’t do work, sleep in and rarely come to school. By second semester, seniors have a good idea of where they are going to college. They also feel the urge to slack off in school after working hard for three and a half years at one of the top high schools in Montgomery County.

They begin to make plans for their last summer before college, work on figuring out potential college roommates, and make some last visits to their chosen school before it opens up in August or September.

One of the hardest parts for seniors second semester is saying goodbye to their friends who they have gone through everything with, from the lows to the highs, to the endless tests and the late night talks, some as close as siblings.

Seniors might spend this time saying goodbye to teachers they have grown close to over the years,and even going back to elementary and middle school to revisit their past. Some pour all their emotions into their spring sports, knowing it is their last season and they just want to give it all they have.

Seniors may keep their focus and finish strong, but others also might find it a struggle to make to DAR on graduation day.

One senior had mixed views about their last semester in high school. “For myself, second semester is feeling bittersweet, but I am also thankful to have made it here. I have contracted senioritis though,” Heather Chen said.

Another senior shared the same thoughts. “It feels weird because I could try and do well but I don’t have to but I also don’t know how to be so chill because the environment is so cutthroat,” Gabi Giro said.

Some seniors are avoiding the inevitable. “I’m trying not to think about it,” Camila Pacheco said.

Others are hopeful. “I’m excited for new beginnings, but said, Lainey Morris said.
Junior Administrator Jane Cocker has positive feelings. “I believe that the second semester of senior year, and the months ahead, is a time of excitement and change. Seniors should look forward to new horizons, but I know it can be hard leaving the past 18 years of your life, almost like the end of a era. However, overall, I believe this time is something positive, and I know our Class of 2020 will succeed greatly,” Cocker said.