Students direct, write, perform final theater project

Beatriz Kim, Staff Writer

Introduced and scripted during October, auditioned mid November, and presented on Jan. 17, 18 and 19, 14 students taking directing class were able to take charge of their own plays as their final projects, named the One Acts.

Initially, the One Act plays were supposed to only be within the classroom, but since the class only had 14 students, and only 10 of the 14 students were in the theater two class, the theater teacher, Jessica Speck, came up with the idea that each of the 14 students would take the opportunity to direct a play. Juniors Andrew Firestone, Ameya Deshmukh, Vishrut Shukla, and Aiden Wilbur all directed and acted.

All four students said that participating as a director was enjoyable and they would highly recommend to any other students interested in pursuing the movie industry. Past students have also mentioned that the theater classes are the “creative outlet [they] need in their day,” Speck said.

One Acts were also a chance for other students who didn’t take the class and who “don’t have as much experience acting to try it on a smaller scale with less commitment,” Shukla said.

The purpose of the One Act plays was to give the students a first hand experience of directing, challenging each student to organize a 20 to 40 minute play presented in front of the school. They all agreed that directing a play gave them challenges such as “having to lead my peers,” Wilbur said.
The One Act plays were also an opportunity for all students to audition for these plays. Once auditions were done mid November, the director students created their own schedule, prepared their scripts, clothing and organization with students, getting to know the responsibilities and challenges a director is faced when directing a play.
All four students said that the variety in choices and different acts, made things more entertaining for both the director and audience. “I enjoyed working and seeing what my classmates did. I hope future classes engage it in,” Shukla said.