Online Exclusive: High school brings new opportunities to leave comfort zone

Nesya Weinsweig, Staff Writer

The transition from middle school to high school brings challenges but also the ability to try new things.  Sports, clubs, extracurriculars and the conjoining of two middle schools builds up the pressure of making friends and finding your place, while pushing freshman to try new things.

Entering freshman year can be chaotic and hectic as one may not know what to think with the conjoining of two middle schools.  Leaving what is comfortable and accustomed seems overwhelming.  This pushes students to meet a new set of classmates, which could lead to lifelong friendships.  “I came from Cabin John with not much knowledge of the kids from Frost, but I got to know some and now they are like my brothers,” junior Ron Berlin said. 

While still in middle school, students have the chance to learn about different sports teams and what is offered for freshman.  Sophomore Jake Lotenburg said, “I didn’t play much football before high school, but I was extremely excited when I made the team my freshman year.  I have made so many friendships and memories.”

At the beginning of the school year a club exposition held in the Commons where an array of clubs are presented.  Options such as the Jewish Student Union, Generations Together, Pottery Club and Ski Club are offered.  Everyone can get involved and pick up new interests while having fun and making friends.  Junior Keyan Roshan said, “I joined the Persian Student Union this year and it gave me a chance to meet many other students that are like me and it’s cool we all get to talk in a language other than English.”

Out-of-school extracurriculars are widely advertised around the school and by teachers.  Internships, dual enrollment and student government are ways to branch out in finding interests and career paths that students take on later in their high school careers.  “Dual enrollment was a great option for me because I am interested in business and I am able to get ahead and take intro to business college classes at Shady Grove University before college.  I also met some great people and professors,” senior Larry Feldman said.